cyberpunkdreams: account faqs

Why do I need an account?

cyberpunkdreams saves your character data to our servers in real time as you play. This means that you you can log in from any device and keep going where you left off. Accounts are also necessary for multiplayer features and other in-game events, as well as managing your in-game payments.

What personal information do you store?

We store your email address (although feel free to make a new one just to play cyberpunkdreams with) and your Steam ID number. Steam requires us to store your ID for their payment processing system. We do not store any payment details or related information. You can read more in our privacy policy.

Do I need to use my Steam username and email to sign up?

No. We default to your Steam username for your convenience, but you can use whichever credentials you wish.

Are your servers secure?

As secure as they can be made. We use AWS, and all game and personal information is stored at AWS’s Republic of Ireland location in the EU. Our serves require multiple levels of authentication and can only be accessed via a VPN. All passwords are stored hashed and salted.

Where can I find out more?

Join our Discord!