cyberpunkdreams: changelog

Killer conscience


Bugfix release


Bugfix release


Need for need


Bugfix release




Minor update


Minor update


Dangerous addiction


Hot spike




Temperature drop




Still hot






Night call


Wardrobe malfunction


Liver and chianti


Puppy heaven


  • You can now adopt one of Ein's puppies.
  • – Check out Hanging around the noodle bar.
  • New perks for regular Afternoon Ashes contributors. Access codes will be going out soon.
  • A body has had a load of work.
  • You now have Evidence at the scene that turns into Evidence.
  • Dealing in human flesh is now much more risky.
  • – Being able to harvest flesh from bodies, as well as some other buying and selling options, is temporarily disabled (very temporarily).
  • Girls/Need medical is now functional.
  • Tank breathers can now give you some side effects if you're too idle while they're active.
  • Pain will now drop to zero with sleep if you're not suffering from any specific wounds.
  • Blocked being able to ask Zane for some stuff while in prison.
  • There's now a limit on the discipline boost you can get from cold showers.
  • Nana's Mexican is now available on Destinations.
  • Vehicles now have a preview before you buy them.
  • Added confirmations to borrowing money.
  • Nil by mouth now has a little more explanation.
  • Protein shakes at the gym now cost an action to use, but are more effective.
  • Vampires are now blocked from eating solids if they puke from eating food while craving blood.
  • Tweaked the contribution of Glare to Perceived temperature.
  • Going down will now tell you when you've got rent due.
  • If you're a cannibal mutant, your satiated healing also now deals with black eyes.
  • New artwork.
  • New interactive dialog box when there's a connection error.
  • The app will now automatically retry resyncing at regular intervals if there's been a connection error.
  • There's a new support page on the site.
  • Fixed a layout problem with inline images at high window sizes.
  • Fixed a problem with getting healed at St Joe's.
  • Fixed a possible bug with moving out of somewhere while Ann's living there.
  • Fixed some problems with getting moved back to the slums after a pick-up in Interstate.
  • Fixed a problem with emergency treatment at St Joe's.
  • Fixed a problem with Ann on Your intimate relationships.
  • Fixed a minor problem with Nil's girl.
  • Fixed an exploit that let you store cash while being mugged.
  • Fixed another problem with "something on their mind cards".
  • You can now only start The Straw Sandal after Pimps & Prostitutes (otherwise bugs).
  • Fixed a load of typos. Thanks for the reports!

Target practice


  • Firearms now have the Alacrity stat.
  • The two firing ranges have had some work.
  • You can now ask Jax to help you out with Willow's hostility in some situations.
  • You can now choose to kill Bloodless when hunting her down.
  • Totally crashed now drops a little for a vampire drinking fresh blood.
  • Gender stat descriptions are now more descriptive.
  • New artwork.
  • You can now choose your units for distance in the options dialog.
  • Possibly fixed a problem with the app failing to quit properly when closed using Steam.
  • Fixed the harsh music transition when the music mood changes.
  • Fixed some problems with music volume for some tracks.
  • Fixed some potential problems with linking to the buy credits page straight from the app.
  • Fixed the card and branch requirements display for stats affected by unit options.
  • Fixed a problem making it possible for the system to select the same random branch twice in a row.
  • Fixed a bug with vampires puking while craving blood too often.
  • Fixed a display problem with the amount of time to install an implant from a dodgy clinic.
  • Fixed a bug with Cyberchurch stuff showing up for a resurrected character when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug with returning Smith's truck via Call your contacts in some situations.
  • Corrected a narrative problem on The tinkerer's wife.
  • Fixed a bug in one of the Drive by options when fighting a street war.
  • Fixed a problem with shipping live catfish.
  • Fixed Work it back on Mind food.
  • Fixed being able to ask Zane for a date while in jail.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • You can now donate various medical supplies to The mercy crew.
  • Fixed a bug with the new maximum asking price for fuel.
  • Made sure that the trade price for copper is correct for existing junk dealers.
  • Fixed a problem with rumours deck cards being hidden for too long.
  • More typos fixed.

Minor release


  • You can now get hired help from Street sellers in some situations.
  • Separate hemisphere mutants now have an option on Staying awake?
  • The chef's knife now boosted your Kitchen quality instead of affecting cooking skill directly.
  • You'll now automatically get a hostility reduction for Zane instead of credit in certain situations.
  • Skill training at Covedale now uses your base skills, unmodified.
  • Put a cap on the maximum asking price for fuel at the depot.
  • Vampires can now sometimes suffer some consequences if eating while craving blood.
  • Plugged some potential Carpe diem loops and related exploits.
  • Tweaked the occurence of Time for a drink?
  • Tweaked Making face in the Projects a little.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a bug with the copper junk trade price.
  • Fixed a bug with the install time for the Technician's implants.
  • Fixed a problem with Do some surgery.
  • Fixed a number of typos; that's for the reports!

Minor release


  • Tower can now be on the lookout for you if they're a bit suspicious.
  • Buying at the incinerator now has some limits but also some ways to get around them.
  • You no longer need handguns or knives to keep your crew around, but it costs more instead.
  • Fixed a potential problem with Messing with things.
  • Fixed a problem with Curtis and Gilbert randomly popping up when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed a problem with getting Masked from trouble.
  • Fixed a bug with the new junk trade prices.
  • Fixed a bug with moving Ann off the streets.
  • Fixed a problem with Dojo sessions..
  • Corrected a load of typos; thanks for the reports!

Smalltime junktown


  • Junk dealing prices can now fluctuate a little.
  • Junk dealing now records how long you've been in the trade (for future use).
  • There's one new small thing for the junk dealer.
  • You can now top up cash in the junk trade in bigger loads.
  • You can now access your strongbox from the slums if you have The Warren (but it doesn't add any Living space).
  • There are some additional transaction amount on The Strongbox.
  • Added confirmation buttons to throwing away your organs.
  • Feelgood spikes now time out on actions, not time.
  • Fixed a potential bug with returning to your rooms above the noodle bar.
  • Fixed another problem with Ann moving in.
  • Fixed Willow thinking that you'd help her murder someone if you refused to do it.



  • Fixed a problem with Clearing out Ann's things appearing for some players with no options on it.
  • You might also have Living with Ann switched on when it shouldn't be; ask for a manual fix if this is causing problems.

Bugfix release


  • Most important: fixed a problem with activating multiple access codes with the app closed.
  • Added some more optimisation to reduce resyncs.
  • Included Greta's briefcase in Messing with things.
  • Made the Messing with things stat visible.
  • Fixed some potential problems with living space.
  • The Warren no longer counts for living space in the slums (too many potential problems).
  • Palisade accommodations now give three living space, not two.
  • You can now choose to have Ann move to Palisade specifically.
  • Cleaned up some other items to do with Ann's location.
  • Irene will now hang with you in Palisade.
  • Fixed the base level display missing for Dressed to impress in the left hand panel.
  • Fixed a possible problem with Clearing out Ann's things.
  • Fixed a problem with the timing display for implant installation in Notes.
  • Fixed a bug with shipping live catfish.
  • Fixed a minor problem with Curtis and Gilbert.
  • Perceived temperature should now match your preferred units if you try toggling back and forth again.
  • Fixed some problems to do with Following in another's footsteps.

Bugfix release


  • Possibly fixed a rare problem with moving area that could leave you in a weird limbo.
  • – If this still happens to you, please stop playing and report it straight away.
  • Moving from the slums to Palisade now clears your hand.
  • Fixed a small narrative problem with the Weapons cache storyline.
  • Fixed a bug with Loaded up.
  • Fixed a bug with selling Mind magic in the bordertown.
  • Fixed a problem with Parley with the smugglers.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed some tutorial content not appearing.
  • Fixed some missing text when talking to Angelique during A meeting at Frank's.
  • Fixed a problem with Dressed to impress caused by moving the bondage harness.
  • – This will unequip everything in your Accessories slot when you load this time.
  • Fixed a problem with new context sensitive colours.
  • Fixed a Carpe diem exploit with going inside with a vehicle equipped.
  • Fixed a display problem with some stats that should disappear from view when modded to zero.

Bits and pieces


  • Shower mechanics have had some work, including using less Carpe diem (this game should be called showerpunkdreams).
  • You can now take cold showers.
  • Catfish prices have been increased and the shipping mechanic tweaked.
  • Added some options for paying your crew.
  • The sauna at the gym has been slightly buffed.
  • Saints above a certain level now get some better service at St Joe's.
  • Cigars in Slow Club now give some Connoisseur.
  • The sports massage in Palisade has had some work.
  • Sleep now gives some Working on cardio and Working on muscle if you've worked out that day.
  • If you quit working for the clinic or get fired then there's now a timeout before you can restart.
  • You no longer risk getting any Hit/Perception from firing a noisy weapon if your weapon skill is high enough.
  • Hit traits now disappear automatically at level one instead of triggering another card.
  • Removed the action cost for all clothing styles in favour of more subtle exploit prevention.
  • Irene now has a little bit more to say about Angelique.
  • Moved the bondage harness to Outerwear.
  • Dolphin brain sleep options can now sometimes remove Far too tired.
  • The game now stores how much money you spend with the Jags and the Modes, for future purposes.
  • Stat mods are now colour sensitive for whether they're good or bad (rather than just negative or positive).
  • You can turn this setting on or off in options (on by default).
  • You can now toggle hardware acceleration (on by default).
  • Tweaked the display of stats that only ever have a modifier and not their own value.
  • You can now preview clothing items before you buy them.
  • Hovers for stats now show what is modifying them (if anything).
  • Tweaked the layout of the slot tabs.
  • Tweaked the "Something on their mind" cards to prevent them from showing the same thing twice in a row.
  • Made some small performance improvements.
  • Improved the tool tips for some slots.
  • Stat requirements now tell you if they're using the base value.
  • Prevented being able to switch to a locked tab using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed a bug that meant your hand wasn't always cleared properly when moving areas.
  • Stats should now display properly even if an equipped change makes them equal to zero.
  • Corrected the price that Miriam gives you for coke.
  • Fixed that your Carpe diem could get locked on if you had a serious wound (instead of going to zero).
  • Actually fixed Perceived temperature units this time.
  • Fixed some other problems to do with temperature.
  • Fixed a display bug with the implant installation timing on Notes.
  • Tweaked the Notes text for Plastic dreams.
  • Fixed a problem with sleeping at Eastside stacks.
  • Fixed Making a deal costing an incorrect amount of Supply and demand.
  • Fixed a problem with the price of Mind magic.
  • Fixed a bug that meant slots wouldn't lock properly if a slot tab was open.
  • Fixed a bug that let you split up with some NPCs while you were in a relationship with them.
  • Fixed a couple of minor problems with Got a date with Zane.
  • Fixed a possible problem with Need not being reactivated after getting new balls.
  • Fixed a problem with being teetotal at The Road Mender.
  • Lots of typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You'll now get the Another day/Another night card immediately on opening, if it was waiting to happen, instead of after your first action.
  • Dropped the Supply and demand cost of arbitrage and working on a deal slightly.
  • Reverted the typeface change from the last update.
  • Fixed the text in hover tips for slots.
  • Fixed Perceived temperature using only Fahrenheit (you'll need to go and change your setting back and forth).
  • Some other small tweaks and fixes. Thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You can now buy SensPerience spikes in the slums.
  • Another day/Another night now runs slightly faster, so it's easier to keep to a schedule.
  • Perceived temperature now takes glare into account during summer (and therefore clothing that reduces glare).
  • Sex opportunities with your crews have had a little bit of work.
  • The game now records when you first met each NPC (the number will be wrong for ones you already know though).
  • Dying now gives more Following in another's footsteps.
  • Added some variation to some of the results on Gossip/Rumours.
  • Add something for if you were in a relationship with Ann and she's dead.
  • Equipped clothing no longer affects medical and first aid skills directly (but they do indirectly, via Medical conditions).
  • Surgical gloves are now a bit more expendable.
  • You can now take designer amphetamines via your inventory.
  • You can now buy pr0n in Gamble St (if you've opted into that stuff).
  • Osteophyte mutants can now do surgery on themselves.
  • One or two other things for the osteophyte.
  • Changed some typefaces for legibility.
  • The hover text for slots now tells you if you can equip more than one item.
  • Fixed a bug that meant healing wasn't always being displayed (although it was happening).
  • Fixed a bug where items in your inventory and slots weren't using conditional images.
  • Corrected the price for the SafeScan app.
  • Corrected bundled mind magic prices.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from getting a new pair of balls if required.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Irene from showing up after you save her life.
  • Various smaller bug fixes and typos done. Thanks for all the reports!

Minor update


  • Apps are now available for all players.
  • You can no longer get a real injury in the first bout of sparring at the Dojo.
  • Some other tweaks at the Dojo.
  • Removed the action cost for entering the gym.
  • Removed the action cost from sorting Sens spikes.
  • You can now bundle and sell snuff spikes.
  • You can now temporarily hide area rumours cards.
  • You can now temporarily hide Got some guns for sale.
  • You can now temporarily hide Picking up odd jobs.
  • You'll now get a reminder when it's implant surgery day at the clinic.
  • Fixed a bug to do with Irene's contact level.
  • Corrected the notes text for implant surgery timing.

There's an app for that


  • You can now buy apps for your phone.
  • These do various things; mostly interfacing with other hardware.
  • – This feature is being rolled out to a random 20% of characters, with the rest to follow next week.
  • – If you've got the feature you'll know almost straight away (there's a card in the life deck).
  • Medical nanites are now usable with the right app.
  • You can now fast scan various spikes if you've got the right app (not yet implemented for all of them).
  • You can now throw away any snuff spikes that you have.
  • Accelerated bone repair, deep healing and using medical nanites now share a daily limit, but it's been increased.
  • You can now get a nanite flush at the backstreet clinic, allowing the use of the above more often.
  • Removed the action cost for entering the Dojo.
  • Scanning SensPerience spikes now costs an action.
  • Removed core styles from removable items.
  • Fixed a bug with your furry companion being drawn to the wild for too long.
  • Fixed some problems with hunting in the various areas.
  • Fixed a possible bug with entering prison.
  • Fixed a load of smaller bugs and typos. Thanks for all the reports!

Minor update


  • Reduced weapon wear.
  • The stealing options on Army surplus have been updated.
  • The action costs for revealing and concealing weapons has been removed.
  • You can now discard your personal weapons (not including long weapons yet).
  • The skill drops from wounds have been reduced, but they now give additional temporary drops.
  • The Messing with things limits no longer apply if you've got bad pain.
  • Increased the rate of retraining skills slightly.
  • Max pain now has a sliding cap based on the day you're on (to make things a little easier for newer characters).
  • Getting dates at the various pick-up bars has had some work.
  • The 30 day subscription now has a 25% discount if you're a first time subscriber.
  • You now always start a new life the max Following in another's footsteps that you've gained in any one life, instead of it accumulating between lives.
  • – This isn't applied retroactively; your currently level will be treated as your starting maximum.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Edge comedowns.
  • Fixed a bug with Jax asking you to deal with Ann's needs.
  • Fixed a big that let you write down more training sessions that you'd actually done.
  • Fixed the Overpowered achievement.
  • Fixed a bunch of other smaller bugs. Thanks for all the reports, as ever.

Minor update


  • More work to bring Dressed to impress closer to working as intended.
  • Absolutely styling now tells you what its combo is.
  • Paying your fuel depot crew at the end of the week is now more flexible.
  • Increased the limits on Messing with things.
  • – This and similar mechanics are only intended to nerf exploits; they shouldn't affect normal play.
  • Increased the limit on max daily stretching.
  • You can always now bring your depot crew up to 12 people.
  • Buffed the weekly fuel sales from your depot.
  • You can now go back to the changing room from Got a change of style.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with action results sometimes not appearing.
  • Several more bug fixes; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed a bug with out of date events hanging around.
  • Fixed News from your depot appearing more than once per day.
  • Added confirmations to more options.
  • Fixed a few more minor bugs.

Minor update


  • The red light district in the slums now requires a route (access should be voluntary).
  • News from your depot has been reorganised and now only appears once per day.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped various blockers decaying as they should.
  • Fixed some problems with the new display for junk dealing stats.
  • Various other tweaks and fixes. Thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Raised the cap on the new limits and speeded up recovery.
  • Taking uppers now removes Gabbed enough?
  • A little new content for the flexible mutant.
  • Reduced the initial pain from black eyes.
  • Buffed the respirator slightly.
  • Junk dealing stats now have their own category.
  • Blocked starting a binge while you're on Go Gas.
  • The new notification sound is now limited.
  • Fixed a problem with getting back into Micky's.
  • Various other smaller tweaks and bug fixes. Thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Street pick-ups have had some work.
  • Immune mutation now helps with Bad shit.
  • Care packages now give cooked human instead of human flesh for cannibals.
  • Phones can now only be used from the equipment slot or pinned card, not from the inventory.
  • Specific injuries no longer block getting a stat boost.
  • Restricted some more overused stuff.
  • More work on smoothing out card pulls.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with Tank breathers that meant they were increasing instead of reducing your refresh rate.
  • Fixed still getting jobs from the smugglers even if you quit with them.
  • Many other smaller fixes; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • New, more robust system for dealing with deck tapping (now works purely from draws).
  • You now have to wait for day #2 to spend credits on binges or action refreshes.
  • Reduced the injury risk when sparring at the dojo.
  • Reduced the injury risk on Fighting for profit.
  • Implants from the one-shot clinic are now a little less risky.
  • Made some tweaks to getting Ann clean.
  • New tutorial content.
  • Fixed another potential bug with getting stuck in a changing room.
  • Fixed a bug with Daylight not showing up.
  • Various other bugs and typos fixed; thanks for the reports, as ever!

Minor update


  • Please note: there was a server problem with Linux during the day where data was unfortunately lost from a couple of new accounts. Please contact [email protected] if you're affected.
  • Nerfed a few things it was possible to overuse.
  • Boosted the weekly sale quantity of fuel from the depot.
  • A few other small tweaks.
  • Fixed a bug that meant assorted spikes were far too cheap from the market.
  • Several other smaller bugs fixed; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Tweaked implant timings if you're not getting them from the backstreet clinic.
  • There's a little bit of follow-up for Tane's number for some characters.
  • You can now sell bundled crack on Street knowledge.
  • Some additional tutorial content.
  • Blood work and implant installation now show up on Notes.
  • Email preferences are now retained between character lives.
  • New artwork.
  • Possible fix for Linux timer problems.
  • Fixed some potential glitches with the number of draws allowed on the decks.
  • Many other bugs and typos fixed. Thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You're now not nearly as likely to lose a cleaning kit when cleaning your guns.
  • Hiding your mutation now costs an action, to prevent exploits.
  • You can now change your home once free of charge.
  • You now get some free toiletries if you're stuck covered in it in the bordertown (but only once).
  • Overburdened now has a bunch more things on it.
  • Possibly finally fixed the bug with the action timer getting stuck on zero.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented skipping adding your email if you didn't want to on account creation.
  • Fixed a bug with Your home is where your stash is appearing when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed some stuff to do with A meeting at Frank's.
  • The usual range of content bugs and typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Can I get a confirmation?


  • Confirmations on certain options are now enabled (plenty more to be added still).
  • More work on the action timer (fingers crossed this time).
  • Colour coding on the main menu (colours still WIP).
  • Your Ohio dollars are now displayed at the top right, above effects.
  • Renamed fatigue to lethargy.
  • Reduced the likelihood of losing toiletries when getting clean.
  • You can now use your breather kit directly from your accommodation if its your home.
  • Another changing room fix.
  • Many other smaller fixes; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Fixed the problem with the action timer sometimes getting stuck on zero (fingers crossed).
  • Fixed the problem with not being able to leave a changing area while wearing the summer dress.
  • Fixed the stat change mouseovers.
  • A few other smaller content fixes.
  • Thanks for the reports, as ever!

Minor update


  • Some more cards have been made hide-able.
  • Reduced the frequency of some menace cards.
  • Previously-seen tutorial content is now available via your phone.
  • Mousing over a stat change now shows you the current level (where appropriate).
  • Possible fix for timer problems on Linux.
  • A bit more work on the action timer in general.
  • Fixed a bug with neural interfaces not getting unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug on the weird feet mutant.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the new breather stuff from showing.
  • Fixed the temperature stuff on a couple of dresses.
  • Various other small bug fixes and tweaks; thanks for the reports.



  • Making face errands in the Projects have had some work.
  • Tweaked some prison stuff.
  • You can now hang out at [i]The food stalls[/i].
  • There's some new tutorial material.
  • You can now make your own [i]Breathers[/i].
  • Three new types of breather (still experimental).
  • New Breather mechanics.
  • New "Energy" category in your inventory for breathers and related items.
  • You can bundle and sell all but Basic breathers.
  • Binge mode now requires a confirmation.
  • Some new sound effects.
  • One new music track.
  • You can now adjust the type size.
  • Fixed a bug while getting stuck while sorting heavy ammo.
  • Fixed a potential problem with leaving jail.
  • Fixed a problem with Ann not coming back if she's livid.
  • Various other small fixes; thanks for the reports.
  • As ever, more coming soon.

We don't need no email


  • You no longer need an email address to sign-up and play.
  • — You'll still need one to buy credits and use access codes, however.
  • The game now keeps track of the number of lives you've saved.
  • Flexible closure no longer helps when making Patterns.
  • Removed the action cost from sorting specific types of ammo.
  • Made some of the clothing mechanics more transparent.
  • Removed some possible exploits from the clothing system.
  • Tweaked the about of FiaF you get on death.
  • Added Style/Blue collar to the thick leather gloves and hi-viz jacket.
  • Additional tutorial content.
  • Fixed the bug with some characters occasionally getting stuck in bars.
  • Fixed some problems with excessive Dressed to impress.
  • Various other smaller typos and bugs fixed; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Gotta look after your guns has had its frequency reduced.
  • Limited staying at Jax's place a little.
  • Limited accelerated implant installation a little.
  • Limited accelerated bone repair a little.
  • Added the ability to hide some more cards.
  • Fixed a bug with laying low at Jax's place.
  • Buying at the backstreet clinic now shows the proper amount that you'll purchase.
  • The banner images in Jax's place now display properly.
  • Numerous other tweaks and smaller bugs and typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • More work's been done on making the timer systems more robust.
  • – You might find that this does something weird to your action count; if you've lost actions please get in touch for a fix.
  • Buying the last two mutations now carries over to future lives.
  • – It's not possible to apply this retroactively, but if your character dies, please ask for a manual fix.
  • Some more work on smoothing out card pulls.
  • Adrenalin now times out on actions (so guaranteed to last a whole chase scene).
  • Improved messaging for subscriber care packages.
  • Covered in it will now slowly flake off over time if you can't wash.
  • Fixed a bug with The rig showing up after completing the quest.
  • Fixed a bug with delivering organs to the clinic.
  • Fixed some bugs with being assessed on organ deliveries by the clinic.
  • Fixed the now-infamous double side alley bug.
  • Fixed a problem with buying multiple mood spikes at Electric Ali.
  • Many other small fixes; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Pain levels are now capped.
  • You can now sell bundled mind magic while working the streets.
  • Newer characters now get let off On the run much more easily.
  • You can no longer stash cash while involved in a scene.
  • Additional tutorial content.
  • No distractions has been renamed to No interruptions.
  • You can now hide some additional cards.
  • Pain and negative mood cards should now clutter your hand less.
  • Hauling heavy metal can now only be done once but pays a bit more.
  • Got a message now pays a little more.
  • Gotta look after your guns will now tell you which weapons have wear.
  • You can now back out of The tinkerer's wife at the last minute.
  • Fixed a problem with Some heavy scene getting stuck on.
  • Fixed a bug with being Totally wrecked.
  • Fixed many, many, many other small bugs and typos; Thanks for all the reports!

Minor update


  • Entering the gym and the dojo now costs an action (to prevent possible exploits).
  • Fuelling up from your depot now costs an action (to prevent possible exploits).
  • Dealt with some exploits around changing clothes.
  • Removed the credit-locked option from Nil's girl and replaced it with a tough test.
  • You can now no longer buy vehicles until you're through the gates for the first time.
  • You can now get rid of a concealed Street corner special on Gotta look after your guns.
  • Night hawks now have a way to extend the night.
  • The clinic now accepts bundled organs.
  • HypoStims now work off actions, not time.
  • Character names now appear in the titles for event emails.
  • More cards are now blockable for a day (more coming soon).
  • Bundled organs are now displayed in the inventory properly.
  • Fixed a possible bug with mutant healing.
  • Fixed not being able to sell bundled mood spikes.
  • Fixed a bug with the prison work card still showing up for ex-cons.
  • Fixed new subscribers getting 70 actions instead of 75 (we'll fix existing characters, no need to report).
  • Fixed errant Hunting in the slums (if you have this but it doesn't say who you're after, just sell your progress).
  • Various other bugs and typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • The night cycle cards have been spaced out more, so the night should last longer.
  • Impossible has been renamed to Content wall.
  • Cruising in the Projects should now be less frequent.
  • The tinkerer's wife is no longer available on Day #1.
  • You now no longer have to choose a style when getting changed if you don't want to.
  • Rumours and idle chatter at the Border market now rolls the randomisers.
  • Ann can now move into either of your Palisade places.
  • You can now hide A fortune in fuel for a day at a time (more cards to follow).
  • Fixed a problem with Knowing the dump.
  • Fixed a problem with hiding your mutant feet always giving Bitterness.
  • Fixed a problem with paying back loans.
  • Fixed looping exploit at Slow Club.
  • Fixed a problem with A mission for Marie.
  • Fixed a problem with Bloodless.

Bugfix update


  • Added some additional tutorial content.
  • Action buttons now display the required action cost if they're disabled
  • Sleep options are now more visible.
  • You can now take a nap any time.
  • Anti-psychotics are now more effective at removing Skewed ideas
  • Vehicles bought in the bordertown are now auto-equipped if you don't have living space there.
  • You can now keep the question mark for an avatar if you want.
  • The cost of changing your avatar has been dropped to one credit.
  • Options that cost credits now tell if if they'll be kept for future lives.
  • Removed the credit-locked option from No control.
  • The undocumented keyboard shortcuts have mostly been removed for now.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented free binges being usable before day #1.
  • Fixed a bug with Curtis and Gilbert.
  • Fixed a bug with the Corporate run scene.
  • Fixed the bug with having your chest permanently on display for the triple breasted mutant.
  • Fixed a problem with negative test buffs becoming positive.
  • Fixed a bug with credit usage not always being saved (wow).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause your actions to refill completely shortly after starting a new session.
  • Many other small bug fixes and typo corrections; thanks for the reports!

Breathe with me


  • Introducing breathers; a new inventory item that will refill your actions.
  • Breathers will come in several different types and there will be an economy for creating your own to "stash" actions, but for now you can get some with this access code:
  • Free care package notification is no longer accidentally hidden.
  • Care package explanation has been improved.
  • Binges now last for 90 minutes.
  • You now need to be on day #1 to use a paid binge.
  • Action refreshes now cost two credits, not three.
  • Making an alt character now costs 50 credits.
  • Basic action limit is now 50, not 40.
  • Subscribers' action limit is now 65, not 60.
  • Action limit changes are applied retroactively; you'll need to reload but please contact support if your limit hasn't changed.
  • There will probably be more tweaks to the action system to come.
  • Fixed a bug with not all tutorial content showing up.
  • FAQs have been updated.
  • Vampires can get some free blood with this access code:
  • Bug with sometimes getting a database error when trying to resurrect a character has been fixed.
  • Many typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix update


  • Fixed tutorial notes for Got a message.
  • Fixed problem with blank Tower card appearing.
  • Added The mercy crew to the firing range.
  • Fixed problem with trying to use a street name that's already taken when resurrecting a character.
  • Possible fix for not being able to wash off Covered in it.
  • Fixed some possible desync causes.

Minor update


  • Possible fix for sometimes failing to launch properly on Linux.
  • Fixed some problems with achievements being awarded when they shouldn't.
  • Some kind of toiletries is now a requirement for heavier bathing choices.
  • Fixed a problem with subscribers not having Palisade access.
  • Added some additional help content on key cards.
  • You can now only refresh actions once you're onto Day #1.

Hotfix release


  • Fixed bug with creating alt characters on subscribed accounts.
  • Fixed clear hand button firing even when your hand is empty.
  • Fixed a problem with being asked for the rent too soon.
  • Various typos and smaller bugs fixed; thanks for the reports!

Minor update #2


  • Hardware on Gamble St now uses Bigger quantities.
  • Locked equipment icon is now an "L".
  • More work on the sound effects.
  • Achievements for beta players will port to Steam.
  • Some additional bug fixes.

Minor update


  • Cleaned up some spike stuff.
  • You can now opt out of receiving emails per character.
  • Some interface tweaks.
  • Additional and change sound effects.
  • Some prison clothing tweaks.
  • New artwork.



  • We now have interface sound effects (work in progress).
  • You can alter sound effect volume and turn them off entirely in the options dialog.
  • Notifications are now saved until you clear them, so not lost on exit or switching character.
  • The server is now on launch infrastructure.
  • Added another way to get knowledge of the forgers.
  • You can now (rarely) get locked into only madness.
  • New artwork.
  • The usual array of bug fixes. Thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • The game now reminds you if you've not verified your email.
  • You can now request a verification email from in-game.
  • "Or groups" of required stats are now presented a bit better.
  • There's a new occurrence in the Projects.
  • You can now buy basic toiletries in the border market
  • Phones have been reworked slightly to allow for more different types.
  • Because of this your phone will be unavailable until Another day/Another night runs, but please ask for a fix if you're desperate.
  • Noodle bar rent has been changed to use the day counter.
  • Organ collecting for the clinic has been changed to use the day counter.
  • New artwork.
  • Explicit adult artwork as been censored at Steam's behest.

Minor update


  • You can now buy toiletries at the Facilities in the bordertown and dump.
  • New artwork.
  • One new music track.
  • Linux icon somewhat less horrible.

We have a Linux


  • The game is now available on Linux.
  • You should just be able to download and run it from Steam as usual, if you have a key.
  • Built and tested on Ubuntu, so should work on other Debian builds (and others?)
  • Testing and feeack appreciated.
  • (The app icon currently looks terrible.)
  • Fixed some recently reported bugs (all platforms).

Access Protocol


  • The welcome screen now shows if an update is required, and when the last update was.
  • All server requests now check that you've got the latest game version.
  • The back-end login system has had some work, so you'll probably need to log in again.
  • The voyeur temperament has been renamed to watcher.
  • Temperament card frequency has been tweaked.
  • There's a new opportunity for the trickster in the dump.
  • There's a little bit more content for Ferguson.
  • You can now spend FiaF with Raff at the beginning for extra gear (probably not very balanced yet).
  • You can now bundle and sell grenades.
  • A lot of achievements have been implemented.
  • Fixed some problems with implant prices.
  • Some minor tweaks to the dojo's content.
  • Some minor tweaks to the slum's gym.
  • Added missing travel options.
  • The open card header is now slightly less tall on smaller screens.
  • Improved display performance on the various progress display tabs.
  • Some more organisation on progress display tabs.
  • New artwork.
  • You'll get a "Click me" tutorial on the deck images for a bit, but it should disappear before long.
  • Lots of typos and bugs fixed, plus the usual minor tweaks. Thanks for all the reports, as ever.

Smooth as silk


  • The game now has music; about 30 mins in total at the moment.
  • Subscriptions have been overhauled and are now at account level.
  • Various other small changes around this, including a dedicated subscription dialog.
  • There's a now welcome screen.
  • And options dialog.
  • You can now choose to display temperature in C or F.
  • Cleaned up and improved character, account and various other dialog boxes.
  • Removed the tray icon.
  • You can now get a massage in Palisade.
  • You can now travel directly from the market or Interstate to Palisade.
  • All organs can now be bundled.
  • Selling organs on the street now uses bundles.
  • You can now sell bundled organs via your inventory.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed the bug with the screen going blank when clicking through quickly.
  • Cleaned up a load of server interaction stuff.
  • Many other small typos and bugs fixed. Thanks for the reports!

For older changelogs, back to 2020-08-05, please check out our Discord: