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Bugfix release


Minor update


Minor update


Day to day




Bugfix release


Minor update


Bugfix release




Bugfix release


Minor update


Some like it hot


Bugfix release


  • New artwork.
  • Fixed Kris not showing up at Frank's Bar.
  • Fixed not being able to attend a wake at Frank's Bar.
  • Fixed not being able to remove newly added items from Quick Access.
  • – If something's still stuck, just reorder it then remove it.
  • Fixed some typos and other minor bugs. Thanks for the reports!

Shopping spree


  • New shop in the slums – Onda.
  • Frank's has had a little work.
  • Added a load of new accessories and items of clothing.
  • &ndaash; Some already previewed, some totally new.
  • Added two new bags.
  • There are a couple of new supply packets.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed heavy weapons having zero value.
  • Fixed some typos and other minor bugs; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You can now buy holsters.
  • – They don't do anything yet; get them before they do.
  • Some weapons are now classified as short.
  • – These have a separate equip list to your Long weapons.
  • – You can carry one at a time.
  • – They're hidden by most short jackets and the like.
  • The FR P98 now counts as a short weapon, not concealable.
  • The Kettec KSG now has switchable ammo feeds.
  • Horse mutants can now have A proper session.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed some problems to do with recent weapons changes.
  • Fixed Irene not appearing if you invite her over.
  • Fixed some typos and minor bugs. Thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Two new mêlée weapons and one new firearm.
  • You can now pick an attitude within each temperament that you have.
  • You can now pick an attitude towards Tower.
  • You'll now get Word from Black Moon if you're a member.
  • Fixed not being able to load the Kridd Vector.
  • Fixed the Revvington shotgun giving too much Loaded up.
  • Fixed not being able to equip the Sledgehammer.
  • Fixed auto-clearing of slots (especially Accessories causing a blank screen).
  • Fixed some typos; thanks for the reports!

Fully loaded


  • There are some new street occurrences.
  • New life card: Gutter connoisseur?*
  • One new implant.
  • The AQ338 now gives Scope quality.
  • Overhauled some weapon mechanics.
  • You can now potentially carry more than one long weapon.
  • Larger mêlée weapons are now long weapons.
  • Several new weapons (mêlée and otherwise).
  • – One subscriber-only.
  • Heavy weapons now require setting up to use.
  • Heavy weapons now have a minimum combat range.
  • Increased the value of MedChem kits.
  • The Tower Group data packet can now be used to get off Tower's radar.
  • – Just once, ever.
  • Adjusted the inventory and slots tabs layout again.
  • Made some small performance improvements.
  • You can now undock and move slot in the left hand interface area.
  • You can now lock your quick access inventory from being sorted.
  • Improved the mouse over hovers.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with initial Contact/Alessandra and progress with Learning/Black Moon.
  • Fixed a problem with Transport capacity.
  • Fixed some typos and such things. Thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed a problem with clothing slots being locked in the changing room.
  • Fixed slots not being automatically emptied when they should have been.
  • Fixed potential hangs when trying to unequip an item.
  • – If you were stuck at any point since yesterday's update, you should be fine now.

Opening up


  • You can now get Opening up the street.
  • – This comes from getting The Shark correct or a choice on Another way out.
  • You can now open simple sealed boxes with a penknife.
  • Specific wounds no longer have a number attached to them.
  • The numbers on Clothing wear have changed but the system is otherwise unchanged.
  • You now keep your Caps and beanies slot when entering prison.
  • Being very low on fuel blocks your own vehicle for Transport capacity and Access/Heavy goods..
  • There are some more options on So horny it hurts.
  • You can now potentially have a motorbike accident on Got your wheels.
  • New artwork.
  • – Includes a new icon for Switched on/Phone.
  • Tweaked the inventory and slot tabs layout.
  • Fixed some typos and smaller bugs; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You can now buy and use Blinx eye drops.
  • New mode for the Braid spike and app.
  • Tweaked injuries at the Dojo.
  • – Some are now more likely than others, and you can now get a concussion.
  • There's a new in-game access code related to Shae.
  • New artwork.
  • Improved text layout in card results to reduce likelihood of overly wide columns.
  • Fixed a problem with the stealing mechanics.
  • Fixed not being able to sleep in prison.
  • Fixed some typos and other small bugs; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You can get a warning if your vehicle's tank is almost empty.
  • There's a new card for improving Vehicle security if it's currently low.
  • Target/Vehicle crime now plays more of an active role in things.
  • – Your normal Personal security is a big part of this.
  • There are some new events on Got your wheels.
  • You can now end up Driving aggressively.
  • Refusing Tower's requests now has consequences.
  • Made some improvements to Works of charity.
  • There's a little more Willow content.
  • Different eye drops now share a common cooldown.
  • You can now buy and use Delay spray.
  • Made some changes to the Sex toys slot.
  • One new sex toy to buy.
  • Several new items of clothing to buy.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with Irene's initial contact.
  • Fixed a problem with the day cycle sometimes going wrong in prison (?)
  • Fixed some typos and other minor bugs. Thanks for the reports.

Punishment and crime


  • You can now get Word from Tower.
  • You can now get Vital info if you're fighting a war.
  • You can now get a parked vehicle stolen.
  • You can now have stash stolen from a vehicle.
  • You can now buy a SarPlus 12 even if you have another phone already.
  • Two new event items of apparel to buy.
  • A new event-only SensX spike to find (text not complete on it yet).
  • One new regular item of clothing to buy.
  • There's some new Banshee content.
  • There's a bit more stuff for the sexless mutant.
  • Did a bit of work on Looking out for Lisa.
  • Fixed not being able to switch back to chat options on A conversation with Jax.
  • Added missing sleeping pill purge to Your immune system.
  • Fixed items being equipped and unequipped not being displayed.
  • Fixed a few other bugs and typos. Thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Irene now has a schedule.
  • A conversation with Jax has had a little work.
  • You can now experience Shakedown in prison.
  • There are new clothing items for sale (some previewed already).
  • Fixed being stuck on an unfinished card.
  • Fixed Shae appearing when she shouldn't on Street parking.
  • Fixed some other small bugs and typos; thanks for the reports!

You're talking about memories


  • You'll now experience various memories.
  • – Sex, violence, intensity and horror.
  • You can now sell (almost) any vehicle; start the process on Manage your life.
  • New regular card: Street parking.
  • You can now buy a Fuel siphon.
  • You can now visit the Bioshop.
  • Slums fire teams have been brought up to the new standard.
  • There's a little more at Old media.
  • There are more Banshee experiences.
  • New artwork.
  • One new supply packet.
  • Fixed (possibly) the problem with the disappearing eyewear slot.
  • Fixed missing State of dress on the frock jacket.
  • Fixed some possible progression problems with Banshee hallucinations.
  • Fixed some other bugs and typos; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • There's a little bit more Miriam stuff.
  • There are some more street occurrences.
  • Two new clothing items.
  • Choosing to love your horse mutation now costs credits.
  • – It's really meant to be a negative mutation, after all.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed some problems with vehicle tuning.
  • Fixed some problems with using specific SensX spikes.
  • Fixed the price of Devil's tears.
  • Fixed some typos and other minor bugs; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Getting changed now displays your current gender presentation.
  • Fixed Double Blow's sometimes being blank on entry.
  • Fixed Double has something on his mind sometimes being blank.
  • Fixed a problem with the price of bundled grenades.
  • Fixed a potential problem with building a place in the bordertown with a very large crew.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos and smaller bugs. Thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You can now use Detailed plans to get Burners at the ready.
  • Anti-depressants and alcohol now increase the minimum need level for sex for those who require erectile function.
  • – But SVV now blocks this effect.
  • There's some new workshop stuff.
  • Added the missing text on Esme's Adventures 10.
  • Fixed some bugs and typos; thanks for the reports!

Double trouble


  • Double Blow now has a schedule.
  • Double Blow's had had a little work.
  • Double Blow now has something on his mind, along with some other stuff.
  • You can now finish Another way out (the credits bribe option for leaving jail early).
  • You can now take PCP (although it's not a good idea).
  • You can now buy some Party supplies in Interstate.
  • Added the charge level to Battery charging on your vehicle.
  • One new sexual quirk.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a couple of problems with SVV.
  • Fixed fuelling your vehicle manually not taking any fuel.
  • Fixed some typos and other minor bugs; thanks for the reports!

Messing with Mavis


  • There's some more Mavis content, for those that way inclined.
  • There's a bit more general Angelique stuff.
  • You can now use your Mementoes of Angelique.
  • Being very drunk now gives you No ft state.
  • Reworked the Bamboo fan a little.
  • New pharmaceutical: SVV.
  • New goods: Empty fuel cans. You'll need them sooner or later.
  • New artwork.
  • Added an extra visual signal for when an item is equipped.
  • Fixed the Tall red pumps not being wearable.
  • Fixed This lockup occasionally having no options.
  • Fixed some typos and smaller bugs; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • One new preview item to find before the end of the event.
  • Fixed Workshop capability not showing a number.
  • Fixed being able to take off your outwear if you're not wearing anything underneath.
  • Fixed some typos and smaller bugs. Thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed the Motorcycle helmet adding Dressed to ride? by accident.
  • Fixed Your wheels rarely having no options.
  • Fixed some newer jacket missing State of dress.
  • Fixed buying a Sport SUV at Shannon's not giving you any tank.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs and typos; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Watch out for some new and returning rare and preview items.
  • Fixed Dressed to impress disappearing when going inside somewhere with a vehicle equipped.
  • Fixed the Stealth trainers not being in the footwear slot.
  • Fixed the Neord Sm4RT being usable while it in the shop or charging.
  • Fixed the event toggle being temporarily removed.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Raff will let you know the route to Shannon's even without a couple of vehicles for the rest of the event.
  • Fixed Jax thinking you were a mutant when you weren't.
  • Fixed success on reducing Shae's hostility not working.
  • Fixed eing able to equip elbow spikes with another weapon.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs and typos; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Unlocked Shae's and Shannon's opening times for the duration of the event.
  • Added some more stuff about Jax and being a mutant.
  • Fixed some vehicle's still being available even if Dusty is working on them.

Burnin' rubber


  • This is a non-exhaustive list of changes. Check the Steam event for more details.
  • Many new vehicles, including motorbikes.
  • New locations and NPCs, and new content in existing locations.
  • Vehicles are now moddable – find a mechanic near you and bring cash.
  • New system for garages and vehicle security.
  • New system for finding lockups in the slums and converting them.
  • New system for vehicle wear and maintenance.
  • Plus a load more.
  • New equipped effect for very high ambient temperature.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed some more typos and bugs; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • You can now split with Angelique if she's livid, but only if you're not in love with her.
  • You can now use your Outside trade.
  • Some other small tweaks
  • Fixed some minor bugs and typos; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Two new clothing items.
  • Consummate and masterly combat test buffs now only show with an appropriate weapon equipped.
  • Most vehicle stat tests have been replaced by compound tests.
  • – Lots of tweaking still to be done.
  • New artwork.
  • The adult image pack has been updated.
  • – Check Discord for details.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and typos; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • New companion type: slums brawlers.
  • – You'll need a murder squad. Equip them via your phone.
  • Anxiety is now implemented.
  • The crash team has had an overhaul.
  • There are some new supply packets.
  • Triage now mostly uses supply packets.
  • You can now bring up Your wheels from most pinned accommodation cards.
  • There are a couple of new clothing items.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed various minor bugs and typos. Thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Added three more clothing items.
  • Drones has had a little work.
  • Cheap hotel has had a little work.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed some more bugs and typos; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Added two new bags and some new clothing items.
  • You'll now experience Getting too heavy if you hang around with high war strength all the time.
  • Your current nanite load is now a visible stat.
  • – It now resets with sleep instead of days.
  • – The max limit now depends on your number of implants.
  • – More implants equals a lower limit.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a rare case where positive mutation cards could be locked out.
  • Fixed Milk run sometimes leaving Some heavy scene on.
  • Fixed a few typos and other smaller bugs.

Banshee's path


  • A large amount of new Banshee content, including paths for both Walking Cathedral and Jettel Militia.
  • Keeping an eye on the slums has had some work.
  • One new supply packet.
  • New mechanic for helping to remind you about the point of Daily bread.
  • A new quirk for a particular sexual fetish.
  • Four new clothing items (two previously previewed).
  • Note: Favours owed/Miriam will be capped in future. Use them or lose them.
  • New artwork.
  • Renamed "Interface" tab to "Socket".
  • Fixed missing State of dress on Heavy jeans.
  • Made a number of other small fixes and typo corrections. Thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed hang on load for some characters.
  • Fixed the display of item effects sometimes showing incorrect numbers.
  • Fixed slots sometimes being displayed twice or more in their tabs.
  • Some other minor fixes.

Flex me up


  • <Note: this update will unequip the Comms headset if you don't also have the app equipped.
  • – Some players were confused about the new mechanics. You can re-equip the headset when you're ready.
  • Put the Neural interface into its own tab.
  • Put Vehicle controls into the left hand interface area.
  • More "small item" slots now require Current stash.
  • – But they'll all work in a changing room either way.
  • New Pendants slot.
  • – This will appear if you've got any suitable items.
  • Hoods are now in a new Hoods slot and can be worn over some other headgear..
  • Some headgear items have been moved into a new slot: Caps and beanies.
  • – Some outfits might need tweaking.
  • The Head harness is now in Accessories, but doesn't contribute to the limit.
  • You can now wear a full face mask over the Head harness for a different effect.
  • Changed how manicures work (you now get a long term effect).
  • You can now wear Ann's necklace in the Neck slot as well as concealed.
  • You can now carry your outerwear if you want to take it off and don't have a vehicle with you.
  • Three more clothing items to buy, plus one on general release that was only previewed before.
  • Some additional clothing tweaks.
  • You can now buy and use a Fancy bong.
  • You can now get various things stolen when entering prison (as per being pick pocketed).
  • Made some other tweaks when entering prison.
  • Having stuff stolen now respects Current stash properly.
  • You can now bundle Angel Rain and Designer amphetamines.
  • Working on supply packets no longer reduces Current stash.
  • More performance improvements.
  • Tweaked slot tabs layout to make it more compact.
  • Limit the width of the main panel on larger screens.
  • – This should make things easier to read and give more space for undocking and parking info panels.
  • Fixed missing Glare reduction on the Deep hood.
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to change Accessory items in a changing room.
  • Fixed some more bugs and typos; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Removed the changing room requirement for Headgear again.
  • – Temporarily; it'll be back in a different form.
  • Improved the explainer text for the new Comms enabled system.
  • – The point of this system is to enable a range of devices, not to make the comms headset more complicated.
  • Fixed Comms enabled not working properly.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Raff now has a bit more to say about prosthetics.
  • Moved travelling to the bordertown onto a sub-card to make the options easier to understand.
  • Banshee experiences have been adjusted and updated
  • The Comms headset now requires an app to be able to talk to your phone.
  • You can now buy a Motorcycle helmet.
  • You now have some outfit controls in your left hand menu, including removing a mask.
  • You can now stash Headgear and Outwear in a vehicle using the above.
  • The Headgear slot is now locked outside of a changing room,
  • Removing an item that's contributing to your Dressed to impress will now drop the latter (and vice versa).
  • – Although doing this repeatedly might cause your Dressed to impress to drop overall.
  • The slot limit for Accessories now depends in part on your State of dress.
  • – Some outfits might need altering.
  • Removed In a changing room from workshops.
  • New artwork.
  • Made a small performance improvement.
  • Fixed the basic binoculars not working properly.
  • Fixed pipe bombs not being equippable.
  • Fixed music mood not always changing properly.
  • Fixed abrupt changes to the music track (previous track now fades out).
  • Fixed being in a workshop not always giving Access/Mechanic's tools (threshold for workshop capability was too high).
  • Fixed a bug that made serious injuries after fights much more common than intended.
  • Fixed the outfit tab not always being available in the Dojo's changing room.
  • Fixed Concealed identity not working properly.
  • Fixed some typos and other minor bugs.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed bug preventing transportation slot usage.

Tooling around for real


  • You can now store up to three sealed boxes, instead of just one.
  • An existing box will automatically be stored if you get a new one, if there are spaces available.
  • New stored box types – Locked and Locked/Electronic.
  • Stored boxes now only use mechanics skill and tools.
  • You can now attempt to grind open boxes if you're in a workshop.
  • You can now try opening boxes with the help of precision instruments.
  • New skill: lock picking.
  • New item: lockpicking kit.
  • New item: padlocks.
  • New item: stabilised binoculars.
  • New resource: scrap metal.
  • You can now group some items into scrap metal to make them easier to sell.
  • New Covedale skill training for lock picking.
  • You can now complete Ann's secret.
  • Capped the influence of Carrying tools on Loaded up and Target/Street crime.
  • Increased the amount of tools available for Access/Mechanic's tools slightly.
  • More of A history of violence.
  • Banshee spike experiences have been updated.
  • You might now lose your cannabis high if you wake up too much.
  • Made tests on Fight or flight? slightly easier.
  • Removed the cap on how often you can do things to improve Dressed to impress.
  • Put a cap on Dressed to impress (slightly over 1.5 times what you left the changing room with).
  • Reorganised Manage your life a little.
  • Various minor tweaks.
  • Made some performance improvements.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed some bugs in the new Access/Mechanic's tools system.
  • Fixed getting clothing wear in a vehicle chase.
  • Fixed a few typos and other minor bugs. Thanks for the reports.

Tooling around


  • New concept: Access/Mechanic's tools.
  • – Checks various things to see if you can access your tools, so you don't necessarily need them equipped to use them.
  • – You can select whether or not you're carrying a load of tools via Manage your life.
  • – For existing characters, this system will kick in once you've seen the tutorial.
  • Fixed Body trauma not being treatable at the Backstreet clinic.
  • Fixed some other smaller bugs and typos; Thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Not your usual? is now more of a journey.
  • Fixed some bugs in the last release.

Minor update


  • There's some more Ann content.
  • There's a little more Irene content.
  • Limited access to black clinics via favours from some NPCs.
  • New artwork.
  • Inventory items now tell you if they can go into a supply packet.
  • – Both item previews and inventory tooltips show this info.
  • Fixed a rare case of Trouble going down appearing twice in a row.
  • Fixed Body trauma not getting applied properly.
  • Fixed a problem with Becks visiting you in jail.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs and typos; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Made the tests a little easier on Launch an attack.
  • You can now refuse a job for the smugglers with major or serious wounds.
  • Fixed a few more minor bugs.

Minor update


  • There's some more Alessandra content, including her story.
  • Improved the Street girls/Quality calculation for adding a new prostitute.
  • Fixed being unable to progress Willow the killer in some situations.
  • Fixed erroneous Total sidekick count.
  • Fixed Your wheels sometimes getting stuck on negative options.
  • Fixed some typos and other minor bugs. Thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • A little more content for St John's Wellness.
  • Fixed a potential problem with first-time Banshee use.
  • Fixed a potential problem with Deep Stacks.
  • Fixed meeting Alessandra at Black Moon for the first time after joining.

Bugfix release


  • New artwork.
  • Fixed some problems with the new storyline.
  • Fixed buying drugs from the gangs not giving the correct quantities.
  • Fixed not being able to remove items from quick access.
  • Fixed some typos and other minor bugs.

Bugfix release


  • Hanging around the stacks has had a bit more work.
  • Fixed Crashed adrenals also giving Comedown/Amphetamines.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and typos; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Fixed a problem with Zane's dealer.
  • Fixed a problem with buying DLC credits packs.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!

Clinics, black


  • New mini-story for discovering more about black clinics in the city.
  • – You need to make some progress here before you can find new clinics.
  • You can now work directly with your mutant sidekicks.
  • There's a new location in the Projects to discover.
  • Some additional content for Alessandra.
  • Roll call has had a bit more work.
  • You can now refuse street girls you're given as a result of a war.
  • Some additional content at Eastside Stacks.
  • Errands at the Eastside Stacks have had a little work.
  • You can now use Sliding through the city to increase your maximum companions for a while.
  • Local dealers have had some work.
  • – The selection is more random. with a separate limit on each type of purchase, but the total number of purchases is less random.
  • Hallucinating mechanics have had some tweaks.
  • Some more minor changes.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with buying credits through microtransactions.
  • Fixed Fight or flight not giving a non-lethal option if you stunned your last ambusher.
  • Another possible fix for ARIA labels on requirements not working.
  • Fixed some more typos and minor bugs. Thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Adjusted vehicle prices again.
  • Vehicle stash capacities have been adjusted.
  • Vehicle Transport capacity has been divided into internal and external capacity.
  • Transport capacity given by your current vehicle can now be reduced by the stash in there.
  • Your Companion/Shotgun can now take your vehicle away if you want.
  • Tweaked the hover display of vehicle stats a little.
  • New artwork.
  • Giving back vehicles fixed for real this time.
  • Fixed Sliding through the city sometimes being reduced when it shouldn't be.
  • Fixed a problem with choosing the carpe diem option on Sliding through the city.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!



  • New card for high enough Sliding through the city.
  • &nash; A few options, including increasing your action bank.
  • When moving area, Sliding through the city is now only reduced if you have cards in your hand.
  • A few new NPC interactions.
  • One time clinics are now found via Going deeper... instead of Working the streets.
  • You can now find clinics in the airport.
  • Added opening hours to the slums gym.
  • New chase and fight follow-up: Making moves, out in the wild.
  • One new DMM card.
  • The Projects party girls have had a bit of work.
  • New system of buffs to Combat>... tests, based on your skill level.
  • Angelique has had a little work, including a schedule and some relationship things.
  • Mood spikes are now used by equipping them.
  • Mood spikes now give A dangerous game instead of psychosis as a side effect.
  • Fixed giving back Smith's truck not actually giving it back.
  • Fixed making logistics teams not using up a truck.
  • Fixed "Clean up" in the kitchen not giving the desired effects.
  • Fixed a problem with Miriam's schedule.
  • Possible fix for aria labels for screen readers not working for quality requirements.
  • Fixed the nanite system implant not costing the correct amount.
  • Fixed Waiting for Angelique as a sexless mutant.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Vehicle prices have been tweaked.
  • Removed storing vehicles at Parking in the airport.
  • ‐ It was a pain to maintain for not much benefit.
  • Smith's truck is now its own vehicle and not an Old pick-up truck.
  • You can now sell Supply packet/Street clothes as bundled goods.
  • ‐ More coming soon.
  • Fixed the Pork pie hat giving instead of removing Glare.
  • Fixed some teams supply options not taking the goods away.
  • Fixed the Quick access area going a bit nuts if it was left undocked between game loads.
  • Fixed getting locked in the wrong card after completing part of The only resort.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Army surplus has had a bit of work.
  • Made some tweaks to Strapped up, including being able to remove it manually.
  • Blocked being able to call in Close companions whilst in a scene.
  • Three new supply packet types.
  • Slums logistics teams are now at the new teams standard.
  • Logistics teams no longer count towards war strength.
  • Teams now need a minimum quality of five to contribute to war strength.
  • Branching out: another new card to help newer characters on their way.
  • Fight or flight? will now give you access to bodies if appropriate.
  • Removed core styles from the Lace shrug as it can be removed outside the changing room.
  • You can now roll up and undock your quick access inventory.
  • The effects slot has been split into multiple categories and now appears in your left hand area.
  • – Some effects and wounds might not be equipped when you first load; just reload.
  • Reordered things slightly.
  • Fixed some bugs to do with new clothing items.
  • Fixed a number of smaller bugs and typos.

Looks like summer


  • More than a dozen new items of apparel for summer.
  • – A couple previously previewed, but mostly new.
  • Increased initial funds from Raff.
  • Increased payments from Join a work gang a little.
  • Made genetic testing kits slightly cheaper.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed getting stuck in a pick-up bar.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.

Bugfix release


  • Filled in a few bits of missing sex scene narrative.
  • Fixed another problem with removing Too distractible.
  • Fixed a couple of possible problems with character resurrection.
  • Fixed a bug with gaining too much Tower hostility from Causing mayhem.
  • Fixed some more typos and minor bugs; thanks for the reports.

Supply drop


  • There are now various new supply packets and uses for them.
  • – This system is still being expanded.
  • Sidekicks no longer contribute to war strength.
  • A new follow-up card for non-combat companions after you've had a fight.
  • There's a new interface for creating Supply packets: check your inventory.
  • – Any in progress will be slightly broken, but you can cancel them and start again.
  • DLC purchases of cincinnati stories now give you 10 credits (applied retrospectively).
  • You can now reorder your quick access inventory.
  • You can now roll the blocks in the left hand area up and down.
  • You can now undock the blocks in the left hand area and move them around the interface.
  • Fixed some keyboard shortcut tooltips still showing the old hotkey.
  • Fixed the character re-creation screen sometimes giving an "Invalid transaction ID" error.
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut for deck draws sometimes trying to draw from non-active decks.
  • Various other smaller bugs and typos fixed.

Minor update


  • Note for future updates:
  • – Sidekicks will no longer contribute to war strength, and teams probably only will above a certain strength.
  • – The slums law and other organisations will have unkind words for you if you keep high war strength outside of a war.
  • – Be prepared!
  • New card for your Companion/Runner.
  • Errands for the Forgers have had some work.
  • You can now chuck some rocks from Your home in the bordertown.
  • Burners at the ready won't happen every single time you get trouble now (but still the vast majority).
  • You can now find The ethanol plant even at night (as an exception to the rule).
  • Renamed Goodie bags to Supply packets.
  • There's a little more prison content.
  • Made the fights on Fight or flight a little bit easier.
  • Reduced the likelihood of getting a more serious wound from fights.
  • There are a couple of new cards for newer characters.
  • Added some more variations to slums alleys.
  • Raised the required familiarity for So wired it hurts from four to five.
  • You can now manage Slums street girls/Running them hard daily instead of weekly.
  • More advanced pimps can now reveal an estimate of the tricks they have available every day.
  • You can now get it on with Ann if you got to the point of living with her without doing that already.
  • New artwork.
  • New keyboard shortcuts and dialog box listing them.
  • Performance improvement for switching to inventory tabs.
  • Fixed "Patch this guy up" on Someone in trouble not being usable.
  • Fixed a rare problem with hallucination effects getting stuck if you're no longer hallucinating.
  • Fixed progression in Jettel Outreach.
  • Fixed a rare case of Jax has something on his mind being blank.
  • Fixed another bug on Fight or flight?
  • Fixed being able to use Smith's workshop when he's not around.
  • Fixed a rare problem with Jax's place being blank.
  • Fixed healing options on Brawled up, fucked up taking all your basic medical supplies.
  • Fixed using Gang central sometimes blocking Gang hustle.
  • Fixed a bug with the displayed cost of bundled SensX spikes.
  • Fixed Waking to a dark sky not working.
  • Fixed After them sometimes not having any options other than to give up.
  • Fixed a rare case of getting too much money on Chaos!
  • Fixed being able to access your strongbox in prison via a sidekick.
  • Fixed being able to fetch a vehicle via your phone in prison.
  • Fixed Ann's card sometimes appearing when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed temperaments and one or two other things dropping faster than intended.
  • – It was always intended that they couldn't drop below your current level, but this wasn't happening.
  • Fixed a missing variation on Your last SensX.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed a bug that was stopping non-manual character death from working properly.
  • If you were affected by this and it was a story-related death, it is strongly recommended to use the manual restart option, or you could face bugs down the line (you max FiaF should be set correctly).
  • New artwork.

Minor update


  • Mavis now has a companion card.
  • On Ann needs you for something you can now move her directly into any location.
  • You can no longer enter Jax's place with someone By your side.
  • There's now an equipped effect for having more than a couple of mental health problems.
  • There's a bit more prison content, including a load more info about Tower Group.
  • Made some more tweaks to Fight or flight.
  • Affected/Sleeping pills now keeps Good sleeps locked at zero.
  • – It always removed it before, but it was possible to get it back.
  • If you lose your 33g, you can now get a new one at the Quartermaster.
  • Burner phones will no longer help you if you get trouble from Causing mayhem.
  • Actions on load should now always be calculated accurately if you have an event that triggers while the game's closed (e.g. a binge ending).
  • New artwork.
  • One new achievement.
  • Fixed a problem with Affected/Sleeping pills when you wake up.
  • Fixed another problem on Fight or flight.
  • Fixed Too distractible not being removed properly.
  • Fixed a problem with Carrying a long weapon.
  • Fixed Jax's place setting Inside to the wrong level and so not triggering all mechanics properly.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed not being able to bundle PCP.
  • Fixed being able to close Covedale skill training without exiting it properly.
  • Fixed another problem on Fight or flight?

Bugfix release


  • Made sure that Pissing off your own people, Crew/Organisation and Crew/Loyalty stay at zero if you have no crew.
  • Made some tweaks to Dead man cares? initial choices if you have no remaining crew.
  • Tweaked the frequency of Team player if you've already got a sidekick on it.
  • Fixed not always being able to stow a long weapon.
  • Fixed the image for Decent leather boots going missing.
  • Fixed some problems with the new fight and chase mechanics.
  • Fixed a few more typos.

Let's make war


  • You can now have War thoughts.
  • You can now get a War leader companion.
  • Put a limit on the funds from a single run of Chaos! during a war.
  • – There has always been a daily limit, but with a lot of teams it was possible to go way over with a single instance.
  • Made Chaos capacity visible.
  • You can now increase your Chaos capacity.
  • No major combat can happen during the first day of a war now (from either side).
  • – Use the first day for prep.
  • Ambushes now require a Fire team instead of Street warriors.
  • Murder squads now have an impact on War strength.
  • New info type: Tactical analysis.
  • Many smaller street war tweaks.
  • Probably some other bigger ones too.
  • Fight or flight has been overhauled, including:
  • – You can use grenades.
  • – You can use your rapid reaction even if there's only one enemy.
  • – Your opponent might decide to turn and run.
  • – Fights rebalanced, including taking weapons into account.
  • – Wounds sustained from fights and beatings are more random.
  • – Lots of other tweaks.
  • New skill: Throwing (mostly for grenades).
  • Companions with Ready to fight will now help you in Fight or flight..
  • – This can make a huge difference if you'd otherwise be outnumbered.
  • Combat>... tests have been rebalanced.
  • You can now preview your weapons' performance in various Combat>... tests.
  • – Use Manage your life.
  • Chases (both kinds) have been overhauled, including:
  • – You're now guaranteed initiative for more of the chase.
  • – But the opposition are also guaranteed their turns.
  • Ready to fight companions play more of a part.
  • – A new system for calling in help.
  • – A cap on the number of people you opposition can call in (although for some factions it'll be very high).
  • – Various new options and many other changes.
  • – Running out of time gives you some last-ditch options.
  • – Most importantly, an overhaul of the systems under the hood, to make the chases easier to tweak and update in future.
  • Slums Murder squads now use the new teams standard.
  • You can now bundle and sell PCP.
  • You can no long enter Black Moon when you've got someone By your side.
  • Made some tweaks to Crashing out to make it more bulletproof.
  • Reworked the game table in Jettel Outreach a little.
  • You can now buy sledgehammers from Bob's Tools.
  • No interruptions has had some work.
  • – You can no longer keep it on all the time effectively; this was leading to people missing content and important reminders.
  • You can now hang at The spike dealers to pull up More spikes/Better spikes directly.
  • Team player will now appear even with a sidekick assigned, but much less frequently.
  • Changed the interaction between Your diary and Skewed ideas.
  • – Write in your diary while you're in a bad mental state to have a chance to remove pages and shewed ideas later.
  • "Going deeper" on Exploring the border has had some work.
  • Medical facilities in the slums are now grouped in a submenu if you have access to more than two.
  • You can now randomise your first physical sexual quirk in return for an increased cap on your Need.
  • Reduced the risk of Injury during Dojo lesson.
  • Tweaked the stats on the Cobra.
  • Put a cap on Alertness when you've got Affected/Sleeping pills.
  • You can now purge Affected/Sleeping pills with a nanite shot.
  • Adaptive difficulties for Banshee reintroduced (give it a few days).
  • You can now celebrate your minor Differences.
  • Getting a specific wound will now increase Clothing wear in most circumstances.
  • Bloody trauma has had some tweaks.
  • Companions now count as passengers.
  • Removed being able to pick up hired help as a crew member as a passenger.
  • New companion type: Shotgun.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed Dolphin brain not removing Up all night where appropriate.
  • Fixed some problems with enemies in a war being able to recruit with no funding.
  • Fixed "Move on" on White or brown" not working.
  • Fixed a problem with Your last SensX for some characters.
  • Fixed a potential problem with war leadership and attack aftermaths.
  • Fixed some bugs with fights on Fight or flight.
  • Fixed a problem with skill training on Your life support system.
  • Fixed a bug with starting war strength in some pimp wars.
  • Possibly fixed a bug with an enforcement event triggering twice in a row.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with grenade usage.
  • Fixed the Covedale long course exam missing the cutoff day.
  • Fixed the estimate at the clinic for the value of organs reported being too low.
  • Fixed a rare problem with Living with/Ann where you could have this set at the same time as Ann's digs..
  • A fair number of other small fixes.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • New artwork.
  • Fixed an option on White and brown not deducting the correct about of Supply and demand.
  • Fixed a problem with getting changed into the High neck halter.
  • Fixed a couple of problems with the new SensX experiences.
  • Fixed using a murder crew on Dead man cares? not removing the money.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • The game now has over 2.2 million words.
  • Extra VDay thing: you might get a little something from Darlene.
  • New phone app: Memhancer.
  • New artwork.
  • Rearranged the Inventory tab a bit.
  • Fixed a couple more problems with Dead man cares?
  • Fixed a bug that meant "Keeping it cool" on Feeling the Edge was unusable.
  • Fixed hand size changes not always showing up with stat results.
  • Fixed slots not being cleared if the equip limit changes and becomes less than the number of equipped items.
  • Possible fix for a problem that can make resyncs snowball if you get a first one.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.



  • A little bit of new content for VDay.
  • – The event will start on 2023-02-09
  • – Buy a gift for your lover, and maybe get one in return.
  • – Bar hook-ups are also easier.
  • Using Hard facts to gain knowledge of different organisations is still random but no longer uses The Milky way.
  • – You have to use it for it to change, but it guarantees that there'll always be a usable option available (if you have any at all).
  • You can now switch on auto-emptying your stash (as well as auto-pick up).
  • Reduced the rate at which high level moods decay.
  • Assorted ammo now contributes to Current stash.
  • – You might suddenly have a lot of stash; get changed to deal with it quickly.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed some problems with the stat changes displays on notifications.
  • Fixed a problem with using Solo studs 6.
  • Fixed a problem with the hunt not ending on Dead man cares?
  • Fixed a problem with using a murder crew on Dead man cares?
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Some drugs now have a separate card for selling when Working the streets.
  • Their slots are now taken up with other things.
  • You can now bundle and sell heroin.
  • You can now bundles and sell Anabolic steroids.
  • Adjusted the thresholds for Overtraining?
  • Another attempt at fixing a bug preventing playing some characters that haven't been played in a while
  • Fixed the final exam on Covedale/Mechanics and engineering not working properly.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Increased Overtraining? reduction with sleep.
  • – Off days will reduce it more.
  • Increased the level at which Overtraining? has a negative effect.
  • Fixed a potential problem with enemy attacks during a street war.
  • Fixed removing a body requiring five Clean-up crews instead of a quality of five.
  • Fixed creating a Clean-up crew not removing the van they need.
  • Fixed not always being able to give ammo to your Assassination squad.
  • Fixed the combat drugs option for your Assassination squad not always removing the drugs.
  • Possibly fixed a problem with some characters not loading after the last update.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Dead man cares?


  • Dead man cares?, a new repeatable mechanic for responding to one of your crew dying suspiciously.
  • Street war mechanics have been updated.
  • – Specific teams can now be targeted.
  • – Your enemy has a Brutality level.
  • – Some cards now appear outside the War deck.
  • Guns'n'ammo has had some work.
  • – Various cards can now be temporarily hidden.
  • – Your enemy will now be guaranteed the initiative if you keep it for too long.
  • – Amongst other things.
  • There's some more Projects content, especially Sidewalk cafés.
  • There are some more random events at Cluster.
  • There's a bit more Ann content.
  • There's a tiny bit more Irene content.
  • There's a little bit of new stuff for a couple of mutations.
  • Some player characters can now choose a physical sexual quirk.
  • All vehicle cards from the deck are now mandatory.
  • Made some tweaks to hunting mechanics.
  • You can now buy Strong acid.
  • You can now buy Body bags.
  • NPCs will now be unhappy if you keep hanging up on them when they call with Something on their mind.
  • – Only implemented for a couple of them so far.
  • You can now temporarily hide Talking to… cards.
  • On A body, removed the requirement for zero Evidence to remove the corpse.
  • You can now very rarely send bodies found in the Projects to the Backstreet Clinic.
  • You now need a body bag to transport a corpse.
  • You can now create a Clean-up crew in the slums.
  • You can now work with your Assassination squad in the slums.
  • Removed the limitation on using Working your crews over and over on the same team.
  • You can need to have given your teams enough gear before you can train with them or use Working your crews.
  • – These last two only implemented for a couple of teams so far.
  • You now risk gaining mental health disorders if your Cracking up gets too high.
  • Changed the way that the Sex toys slot is given.
  • Increased the rate at which high level moods can drop later in the game.
  • Renamed Quirk/Lover to Quirk/Romantic.
  • Made Overtraining a visible stat.
  • New artwork.
  • The roadmap has been updated.
  • Fixed problems with the selling price of diamonds and prescription drugs when doing a deal.
  • Fixed the the vehicle slot being locked even if all vehicle-related cards have been played (probably).
  • Fixed incorrect hover text on Course/Finish.
  • Fixed finding one of your girls ODed not removing them from your count.
  • Fixed some bugs with hunting Mavis.
  • Fixed manually clearing your hand not reducing Sliding through the city.
  • Fixed the Close companions slot not being restored immediately when leaving jail.
  • Fixed Late last night not activating.
  • Fixed a problem with Alessandra's warning and being marked as a vampire.
  • Fixed a bug with Overtraining not always being applied properly.
  • Fixed a problem with repeating The only resort.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Fixed random oddments not giving anything when they're spares.
  • Fixed the phone menu for close companions not checking for trusted sidekicks when it should.
  • Fixed a problem with fighting a street war with Zane.

Late late night


  • New nascent mechanic: Late last night.
  • Improved the contents of random oddments.
  • Opened having a second physical quirk to all characters.
  • Put a cap on the length of proper conversations.
  • Put a cap on the initial value of Opening up for proper conversations.
  • Put a high cap on low level moods.
  • You can no longer sort ammo while in jail.
  • Limited the level of Bigger quantities at The food stalls and The food gallery.
  • You can now tweak your height slightly.
  • You can now see your height in Character // Your body.
  • You can now refuse to adopt Ein's puppy.
  • There's a tiny bit more noodle bar content.
  • You can now read the weekly event schedule at Jettel Outreach.
  • You can now play Go at Jettel Outreach.
  • Many other small tweaks.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a load of minor bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that gave too much money on Get the look.
  • Fixed a load more typos; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You can now restart Working the streets if you stopped for the day, but there could be a cost.
  • Made some improvements to Burners at the ready and extended the system.
  • Added an additional weapon wear tutorial.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a few problems on Getting a date.
  • Fixed a rare problem with Pimping/Another week.
  • Added missing Masked up on the Full face mask.
  • Fixed a rare problem with Tapping your contacts in Eastside Stacks interacting with Hard target.
  • Fixed a problem with Trouble going down appearing more than once in a row.
  • Possibly fixed a problem with getting changed after a dojo session where you get injured.
  • Fixed losing Working the streets when you go to Palisade.
  • Enemy war strength daily changes now take into account multiple days passed properly, if you're out for more than one.
  • Fixed dead firearms sometimes reappearing in your weapons locker.
  • Fixed some other potential bugs around weapon wear and jams.
  • Fixed Absolutely styling sometimes getting triggered twice when getting changed.
  • Fixed Jax's place sometimes showing as blank.
  • Fixed a problem with Nutrition at the gym popping up after you've left.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Fixed a rare conflict with different driving cards.
  • Fixed Irene's need sometimes appearing if you're not dating her.
  • Fixed Your new boss coming up blank.
  • Fixed an unintended option appearing on Cruising in the Projects.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Time delay


  • You can now delay Another day/Another night for half an hour each day.
  • You can now turn on auto-refill for your Current stash.
  • – This costs carpe diem each time and only works outside of scenes and when you have somewhere to stay locally.
  • You can now pick a priority preference for Acess/Heavy goods.
  • You can now pick a relationship quirk.
  • You can now leave an area without losing your currently level of Working the streets if you return within 10 actions.
  • – But if you do lose it, you won't be able to start again until after you've slept.
  • Reduced the Supply and demand cost of Making a deal slightly.
  • You can now buy Prosthetic paperwork while working the streets.
  • Moved all Working the streets cards for finding drug dealers onto a single card.
  • Beating a mental health problem now makes you immune from getting a new one for a couple of days.
  • New equipped effect for wearing a bondage harness very tight.
  • Taking a nap now reduces Hallucinating.
  • Dropped the fuel usage of petrol-driven vehicles slightly.
  • Made it a little easier to deal with sustenance.
  • Increased the soft cap on Working your crews.
  • Put a limit on the amount of 5-HTP you can take with effect between sleeps.
  • You can now drop Plastic dreams during its early stages if you want to.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with jobs for a permanent enforcer employer not triggering.
  • Fixed a problem with a messed up right arm healing instantly.
  • Fixed missing stat change info on access code notifications.
  • Fixed a potential bug with blowing yourself up in a workshop.
  • Fixed Selling mood spikes overlapping with another opportunity on Street knowledge.
  • Fixed a bug with Ann's sweet sex not triggering all appropriate effects.
  • Fixed a bug with a Smuggler's pick-up in Gamble Street not always appearing.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed a problem with the Broken bones? card not always clearing.
  • Fixed porn thums showing an incorrect nominal value.
  • Fixed selling mood spikes not removing them.
  • Fixed a potential problem with one of the new quirks.
  • Fixed not being able to break up your last Projects murder squad.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

What Mavis wants


  • You can now find out What Mavis wants.
  • – Check your slums murder squad if you don't have this already.
  • Cannibal mutants now get The last taboo sooner.
  • Selling human flesh on Working the streets now has its own card, with some additional options.
  • You can now sell Mood spikes while Working the streets.
  • Four new physical quirks.
  • Put a (high) cap on the Dressed to impress bonus for being familiar with a clothing style.
  • Clarified some text around Killing for the clinic.
  • Blocked seeing night cycle cards if you get up in the morning while it's still dark; you'll see It's still early instead.
  • Just woke up now lasts longer for night hawks if they get up in the morning while it's still dark.
  • You can now get Nil's girl as a special girl if you previously refused.
  • Put a soft cap on Working your crews.
  • You can no longer apply Working your crews to the same team twice in a row.
  • Working your crews now decays with days passing.
  • New card to remind you to use Working your crews.
  • Notifications now show any stat changes that occurred on hover.
  • Inventory items now show a little more info on hover.
  • Added rate limiting on some keyboard shortcuts (should prevent some blank card rendering errors).
  • Made some small performance improvements when switching between cards.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed Spike/Sexual prowess having an incorrect buff for Skill/Sex.
  • Fixed some potential erroneous text on Cheating on Angelique.
  • Fixed a skipped potential block of content in final scene of The only resort.
  • Fixed some problems with the Notes for Banshee.
  • Fixed sometimes gaining an empty bottle instead of losing one when making a cleaning kit.
  • Fixed Traffic congestion sometimes not being equipped as an effect.
  • Fixed the Bullet Storm achievement not firing.
  • Fixed a rare case where it wasn't possible to deal with pimping trouble.
  • Fixed not being able to access the cure for poisoning at The backstreet clinic if you didn't have another injury.
  • Fixed some character profiles not loading.
  • Fixed the special recipes menu not always showing up for cannibal characters in the kitchen.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You can now pick a second physical quirk at random or for credits (newer characters only).
  • Two additional physical quirks.
  • You can now redo The only resort in specific circumstances, or pick it up if you decided against it.
  • You can now pursue Whores on tap.
  • There's a new DMM card.
  • And a new slums card.
  • You can now call area hired help with less than three people, but only for basic tasks.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed Mutilated sometimes having no viable options.
  • Fixed a problem with locked items sometimes being unequipped if the equip limit on a slot drops.
  • Fixed Intimate with/Zane rarely dropping to zero when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed pinned branches sometimes not appearing at the top of a card.
  • Fixed some problems with number rendering.
  • Fixed the Clown mask not being a usable item (so no way to take it off when locked).
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • You can now feed your dog if you're homeless.
  • You can now have a contact look after your dog if you're homeless.
  • Using an option to take off your mask will now also unequip the Deep hood.
  • Prevented plugging in two data spikes at once.
  • Added some options to the Loudmouth scene in The only resort.
  • Blocked being able to make gender presentation tweaks in a changing room while you still need to equip the kin slot.
  • Wrecked prosthetics are now equipped items.
  • Hallucinations have had some work.
  • Improved clarity of stat requirements in some situations.
  • Some additional tutorial content.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed Careful disposal sometimes giving Illicit trash instead of removing it.
  • Fixed a problem with the Blood shot ritual in Black Moon.
  • Fixed some price discrepancies with Decent scotch and Shaoxing.
  • Fixed a possible bug at Jettel Outreach if you rejected the militia's offer.
  • Fixed Hitting morning to incrementing the time (also renamed this card).
  • Fixed missing A lethal ranged weapon on some options to do with The only resort.
  • Fixed a problem with weapon wear on the Glokk 19.
  • Fixed some conflicts with the mutilated hooker companion if you're not an enforcer.
  • Fixed slots not always showing their locked status when it changes.
  • Fixed some potential problems with equipping spikes.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • There's a bit more Cannibal stuff.
  • Empty organ boxes are now a thing.
  • You can now dispose of Human flesh.
  • New mechanic: Careful disposal required.
  • You can now buy Surgical tools in a couple more places.
  • Made a small tweak to the early stages of Hidden threats.
  • Mutant-only recipes now have their own submenu in the kitchen.
  • Accessibility improved for card and branch requirements.
  • Fixed a problem on Got a rep?
  • Fixed a problem with meeting Darlene at Frank's Bar.
  • Fixed a problem with medical Random oddments always giving Pure codeine".
  • Fixed a rare bug on Zane's place.
  • Fixed a credits bug with switching Your time/Your life more than once in Manage your life.
  • Fixed a problem with getting Contact/Jettel militia at the outreach.
  • Fixed a problem with Daily bread if you'd not paid your crew anything at all.
  • Fixed time not always passing in the dojo or gym.
  • Fixed male presenting characters not being able to use Style/Street walker.
  • Fixed Personal biometrics missing from the new phone.
  • Fixed being able to use a SensX spike at Sutter SensPerience.
  • Fixed a Hidden threats event being able to remove it entirely when not intended.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed a problem with getting stuck in one part of the finale scene of the new storyline.



  • Banshee has been released/
  • – This is a major new storyline; check the Steam or Discord announcements for more details.
  • Sorting general spikes is now a little smoother.
  • Errands for Jax now get removed without penalty if he's Not around.
  • Editing coursework now leads to diminishing returns if you don't write new stuff too.
  • Fixed some problems with Got a rep?
  • Fixed Companion/Mutilated hooker not getting equipped properly.
  • Fixed an option on Your dump crew decreasing Daily bread instead of increasing it.
  • Fixed being reminded about an errand for Jax while he's asleep.
  • Fixed your errand for Jax being cleared incorrectly in some situations.
  • Fixed your vehicle possibly being available after you asked someone to take it away.
  • Fixed neural interface sockets sometimes getting locked the wrong way around.
  • Fixed locked icon on sidebar slots (such as ammo) not showing up.
  • Fixed a problem with broken bones and prosthetic arms.
  • Fixed relationship stuff coming up on Angelique has something on her mind if you've split up.
  • Fixed sex with one of Zane's hookers not clearing Got an urge if appropriate.
  • Possibly fixed problem with card scrolling on cards with large amounts of header text.
  • Fixed some additional problems with the final scene in The only resort.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

The only resort


  • New story: The only resort.
  • – Aimed at newer characters, but accessible to everyone.
  • – Will auto-trigger if you meet the requirements.
  • – There's an achievement if you play it right.
  • Steering clear of danger, a new mechanic given by companions.
  • You can now change Your time/Your life via Manage your life.
  • Various tweaks to the Pimping/Trouble system.
  • Rearranged some items in Manage your life.
  • You can now split with Jax.
  • There's a little new slums content.
  • Added some additional tutorial content.
  • Fixed painkillers not dropping Bad head day when you take them manually.
  • Fixed the selling prices on Junk dealer.
  • Fixed a problem with Reporting back to Zane.
  • Possibly fixed a problem with getting Up all night when you shouldn't.
  • Fixed a possible problem with a freshly equipped vehicle not allowing you to access heavy goods.
  • Fixed Miriam's schedule occasionally disappearing.
  • Fixed a problem with Jax and the Cyberchurch spike.
  • More typos fixed. Thanks for the reports!

Minor release


  • You can now temporarily hide Junk supply contracts.
  • Improved the quality of buying a girl from out of town.
  • Added a tutorial for crew loyalty.
  • Equipping a tool belt no longer force equips mechanic's tools.
  • You now need to have had a burner phone before trouble hit to use it.
  • Identity uncovered now drops with actions, not on the same card that triggered it.
  • Fixed severe arm injuries not being equipped.
  • Fixed a problem with toxic waste poisoning.
  • Fixed Waiting for Angelique not looping after asking her a question.
  • Fixed an erroneous message about Irene leaving when she isn't.
  • Fixed The night turns to day appearing if you've only been up a short time in some cases.
  • Fixed a problem with hunting Zane's crew.
  • Fixed being able to have vehicle aircon on and windows down at the same time.
  • Fixed being able to use your Weapons locker in the middle of a scene.
  • Fixed a potential blank card on Trouble going down.
  • Fixed a problem with Little blue pills having no options.
  • Fixed a problem with jobs from Crash.
  • Fixed a problem on Hanging around your fuel depot.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies on area Got trouble... cards.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Minor release


  • Enabled full Target/Street crime calculation.
  • Another mind and Another body are now one-use only.
  • It's now possible to drink too much Snake Kick.
  • Made getting new pimping territory slightly easier if you don't currently have much.
  • Made some tweaks to Your girls.
  • Made some tweaks to Roll call.
  • Made is slightly easier to increase Slums street girls/Quality.
  • You're now more likely to get territory if you win a pimp war.
  • There's a new access code for pimps.
  • – Get in in the pimps channel in our Discord server.
  • The Equipment and devices slot is now part of outfits.
  • New artwork.
  • The adult content pack has been updated.
  • – Check Discord for details.
  • Fixed a problem with being pick pocketed.
  • Fixed being reminded about a Covedale exam when your course doesn't have one.
  • Fixed a problem with fast sorting Feelgood spikes.
  • Fixed only being able to equip one item at a time in Vehicle controls.
  • Fixed employer job details not showing up on On a job.
  • Fixed a possible bug with Irene getting stuck as a companion.
  • Fixed a new problem with Willow not appearing after the early part of Plastic dreams.
  • Fixed a bug in Roll call that made "Floods of tears" appear too often.
  • Fixed a bug with access codes that meant that they could get applied to an additional character.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with Interstate bar opening times.
  • Fixed a problem with A guard at your door appearing constantly in prison.
  • Fixed a potential problem with the forgotten password form.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Inventory items should now show a title in screen readers.
  • Fixed pimping trouble not dropping enough after some trouble hits.
  • Fixed hunting wild dogs not using firearm mechanics properly.
  • Fixed a problem with calling Ann from your phone.
  • Fixed a display discrepancy with ammo numbers when loading a firearm (actual numbers were fine).
  • Fixed an option on Talking to Irene that used sex instead of gender,
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed potentially getting stuck when trying to enrol at Covedale.
  • Fixed another way to get stuck in a Covedale course.
  • Fixed a couple of possible problems with the prison routine.
  • – If you're stuck before or after sleep in prison with nothing happening, you'll need a manual fix.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed Ann erroneously showing up in the wrong context at Jax's place.
  • Fixed getting stuck in the Covedale courses after a final exam.
  • – Try exiting again and it will work fine.
  • Fixed not being able to drag new items onto Quick Access.
  • Fixed the serious pain card sometimes appearing far too often.
  • Fixed disappearing Day of the week in rare cases (it'll come back when you next get another day).
  • Fixed fast scanning Advanced skill spikes sometimes giving too many spikes.
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to lower your heat with Ferguson at lower levels of contact.
  • Fixed another rare blank card for Your girls.
  • Fixed daily average temperature always displaying in Celsius.
  • – You'll need to toggle your option back and forth for it to take effect.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports.

Time… enough


  • Revamped the timing system so the game now has more of a sense of time, with less abstraction.
  • – Your time of day will jump to mid afternoon to kickstart the new system, even if it was currently night for you..
  • – If you're in jail or laying low with Jax you might see some slight weirdness.
  • Another day/Another night no longer automatically bumps you to nightfall.
  • Sleeping for the night now consumes a certain number of hours, depending on the type of sleep.
  • – Meaning that the time when you wake up is now calculated based on when you went to sleep, so you've got much more control over your rhythm.
  • You can now do you full sleep for the day at any time of day (as long as you have Days without sleep).
  • You can no longer wait for night at your place; there's a new option to kill some time that can be done any time instead.
  • Time passing in the early morning and at night is controlled by cards, as before, with a new card for the rest of the day.
  • Each NPC now has their own schedule (implemented for Ann, Jax, Miriam and Willow so far).
  • Various locations now have opening hours.
  • Activities in bars, etc., now sometimes increment the time.
  • Temperature changes throughout the day are now driven by a more sophisticated model.
  • New characters now get Days without sleep after meeting Raff for the first time, meaning you can sleep straight away.
  • Time-related cards now appear less often during a binge.
  • The rising sun and The setting sun cards now appear at the relevant times of day.
  • Tweaked the familiarity test modifier for night hawks.
  • Many smaller tweaks to do with time and temperature.
  • Redesigned permanent employer work for enforcers a little.
  • – You can now ask for time off.
  • – Job details appear on the On a job pinned card.
  • – Job times are more specific, so watch the clock.
  • Jax's place has had some work.
  • Covedale Night School has had some work.
  • Coursework is now worth slightly more.
  • There's a little bit more pimp content.
  • You can now give your street girls a few spikes as a treat.
  • Pimps can now have a mutilated girl as a close companion.
  • Tweaked some more pimping things, especially around Hostility/Pimping syndicates.
  • Limited manicures and pedicures to one per day.
  • It's now possible to drink too much tea,
  • Max carpe diem is now reduced by a few more things, such as untreated wounds, toxic waste poisoning and being gunked up.
  • Hanging around Carpe diem options now require you not to have No fit state.
  • Poisoned/Toxic waste now comes with some additional effects.
  • Your body/Your mind now only appears on day two.
  • Your max Need is now affected by the average daily temperature and current perceived temperature.
  • Care packages will now only give vampires Fresh blood if you've got less than a certain amount.
  • Similarly for cannibals and Human meat.
  • Added Core style/Minimalist from the Neoprene jacket and removed Core style/Hacker.
  • Put a cap on Decluttered.
  • Made some tweaks to Zwei fortsetzung.
  • Some of your physical quirks and your level of Buff now play an ongoing part in getting hungry, instead of things being a flat effect.
  • Medical random oddments will be a bit more random now.
  • There are some new Black Moon rituals.
  • There are a couple more cards in the DMM deck.
  • There's now an Empty stomach effect if you become too hungry.
  • Slums law/Got an eye on you will now drop daily if you've not been in the slums for a couple of days.
  • Toned down the possible pain levels on Growing pains.
  • Taping one's nipples is now done via the outfit tab.
  • Taped nipples will now be removed by anything more than a quick shower but not when entering a changing room.
  • Host work has had a little work.
  • Booster spikes are now part of the Totally crashed system.
  • New temperament cards in the airport.
  • Cards should now show as buttons in screen readers.
  • Achievements that previously weren't logged with Steam should be added now.
  • Made some performance improvements.
  • You can now remove missing items from outfits.
  • You can now clear a slot by right clicking on its title bar.
  • New artwork.
  • New scroll effect for card headers (can be switched off in options).
  • Various small fixes to do with glare, temperature and time of day.
  • Fixed a problem with equipping the M320.
  • Fixed a problem with Zane's place that blocked some content.
  • Fixed missing Nil by mouth requirement on cooking something special in your kitchen.
  • Fixed some potential problems with using a recovery clause on You're dead.
  • Fixed Slums facts requiring bordertown familiarity and facts to gain Knowledge/Pimping syndicates.
  • Fixed Stun grenades sometimes increasing your opponents' skill during chases, instead of reducing it.
  • Fixed a problem with being able to get Facial scars fixed at the clinic.
  • Fixed a problem with selling Copper wire at the dump.
  • Fixed a problem with Joseph's stings.
  • Fixed stashing stuff in your vehicle not from your accommodation not reducing Current stash.
  • Fixed an unusual problem on Displaying your mutation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented A history of violence progressing beyond A runaway.
  • Fixed a potential bug with making payments on A week in the pimp trade.
  • Fixed making a logistics team sometimes using more crew than it should.
  • Fixed a potential problem with Your girls.
  • Fixed incorrect charge for electronic components on Buying parts.
  • Fixed hidden Core style/Prep on the Tight wool sweater.
  • Fixed a problem with pimping trouble when having territory stolen would also trigger a stolen hooker response.
  • Possible fix for not all outfit items always getting equipped.
  • Fixed a problem with equipping belts with another belt already equipped.
  • Fixed cooking a more sophisticated meal to eat at once also giving you a saved meal.
  • Fixed being able to drag items that can be bundled but not used onto the quick access area.
  • Fixed some stuff to do with Jax and Handling the smugglers' spike.
  • Fixed a problem with changing your mind about the photographer job on Your work situation.
  • Fixed Karen showing up Your special girls when you quit pimping if you never recruited her.
  • Plenty of typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Fixed another problem with Roll call.
  • Fixed a problem with A week in the pimp trade.
  • Fixed a problem with Ann's pimping money.
  • Fixed increasing Contact/Ann (for real this time).
  • Fixed a problem on Secret murder.
  • Fixed a problem with the buying price for a truck at the border market.
  • Possibly fixed a problem with the disappearing close companions slot.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed a problem with some consequences from Roll call.
  • Fixed another new problem with credit with Ann.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed a potential problem with the cap on Contact/Ann.
  • Fixed a potential problem with Roll call if Ann's not around.

Pimp my pimp


  • There's now a new way to become a pimp.
  • Pimping now has a more sophisticated market model for making money.
  • You now have a starting amount of territory as a pimp, which you can grow over time.
  • – If you've got more than a couple of dozen girls, you'll need more territory fast.
  • Roll call has had some work.
  • Doing the rounds has had some work.
  • You'll now need to collect your daily pimping payment before anything else.
  • You'll also now need to do Roll call every four or five days to keep some aspects of the pimp business running.
  • Pimp wars now will escalate if you keep engaging in them.
  • Your girls will now no longer appreciate large quantities of cheap chocolate quite so much.
  • Weekly recruitment for new girls is now limited.
  • Each special girl now has her own income.
  • There's now one more (rare) special girl.
  • Ann's earning as a special girl is now collected when she comes back from going out.
  • There's a new organisation with which to interact – the Pimping syndicates.
  • You can no longer call up Your girls from the inventory.
  • There's some more stuff with your Special girls when you quit pimping.
  • If you decided against being a pimp, you can now change your mind on Manage your life.
  • You can now refuse to pay protection as a pimp (but it's a really bad idea).
  • Various other new pimping tweaks and content.
  • There's a new street data spike to find.
  • The Solo Studs 6 spike is now usable.
  • Supply run on your phone has been updated.
  • Tweaked Tower's on the lookout to have more impact if it rises beyond a certain point.
  • Low body temperature mutants can no longer take a cold shower, but get more benefits from hot ones.
  • Low body temperature mutants get more benefits from "Bask in the sun" on your bordertown crash pad.
  • Cold to the bone has had some tweaks.
  • Thin skinned has had some tweaks.
  • Dolphin brain has had some tweaks.
  • You can now clear anti-depressants with nanite shots.
  • Anti-depressants now reduce need a little.
  • Tweaked the "Local knowledge" requirement on Your mission/Fitting in.
  • Contact/Ann is now capped at a low level until you've finished Looking out for Lisa.
  • Smoothed out the increase in your Daily bread target as days increase.
  • Time laying low with Jax is now limited.
  • Added a copy of the tutorial recap to Manage your life.
  • Hover text on stat requirements now gives you the full description of that stat.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with converting Supply and demand in the slums into rumours.
  • Fixed a potential problem with mechanic's tools remaining locked when you unequip the tool belt.
  • Fixed the accessory version of the welding goggles sometimes not being present.
  • Fixed an option on Locked in testing driving skill instead of riding when you're on a bike.
  • Fixed some bugs to do with Willow and Irene's interactions.
  • Fixed the M320 being in the primary weapon slot, not concealed.
  • Fixed some problems with using Spike/Crazy colour on a second life.
  • Fixed a price discrepancy when buying cable ties at Army Surplus.
  • Corrected the price of Street data spikes.
  • Fixed The inside story not being available after finishing Bloodless.
  • Fixed a possible problem with having to do two Black Moon payments at once.
  • Fixed a problem that could prevent smuggler jobs from appearing.
  • Fixed a load more typos; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Pushed the start day for Vampire diaries and increased the target for the hunt.
  • – This is really not one to rush.
  • Removed the ability to call up "Doing the rounds" from "Being a pimp".
  • New Discord private channel for pimps; head over to to request access.
  • Capped the hostility a contact can have to put Harsh times on them.
  • Something extra on The freaks.
  • Equipping a tool belt now equips and locks mechanic's tools, but also increases the items you can have in this slot.
  • Fixed Indoors not clearing when picking someone up in Interstate.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Vampire Diaries


  • New vampire content.
  • – Many, many changes.
  • – Launch event details coming shortly.
  • Limited the amount of heroin you can give to your girls as a pimp per day.
  • Limited nanite flushes per day.
  • Curing yourself from toxic waste poisoning will now have some aftereffects.
  • Concealed vest now gives -1 Girled up.
  • Move the Current stash display over to the right.
  • "Street scum/Fought and won" has had some work.
  • – These changes will make it to similar cards in the near future.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a bug with the maths when Daily bread first kicks in.
  • Fixed asking your crew to fetch groceries for you not adding to Daily bread.
  • Fixed asking for extra protection on Gunning for you not requiring having some protection in the first place.
  • Fixed items that block Eyewear not also blocking Indoor eyewear.
  • Fixed a problem with converting Supply & demand/Cinci Slums into patterns.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Information (such as rumours) now has its own tab.
  • Removed moods and vehicles from the inventory tab.
  • – They're always visible in the equipment tab anyway.
  • Added a mouse hover note for items that contribute to Current stash.
  • Removed some more items from the Current stash calculation.
  • – It's now more or less only consumables: ammo, pills, medical supplies, food, etc.
  • Adjusted the stats on the Breast binding.
  • Two new bags to buy on Gamble Street.
  • Tweaked up the value of sorting junk, spares and components.
  • Limited the size of junk dealing contracts.
  • – Existing ones will drop each week until they're in line.
  • You can now switch to managing money and prices daily with the fuel depot if you want.
  • – Wait until you're next weekly tally to switch.
  • There's a tiny bit more for Irene.
  • There's a little bit more stuff in the Projects.
  • Current stash no longer contributes to Carrying weight while you're in the gym.
  • – So you shouldn't need to take off bags, etc., to work out.
  • Made a performance increase when drawing cards.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a bug on Overburdened.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Limited how often "Roll call" can appear for pimps.
  • Fixed a problem with bleeding out and blood loss.
  • Fixed a bug that was affecting some item prices and Current stash.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Having enough Prosthetic paperwork now blocks "Doubled up" on The freaks.
  • Reduced vehicle fuel usage slightly.
  • Entering a changing room will now always unlock slots locked by not having enough Current stash.
  • Leaving a changing room now automatically reduces your Current stash to capacity if it's over.
  • Reduced the frequency of Carrying too much.
  • You can now dump trash directly from Carrying too much.
  • You can now dump trash from Manage your life.
  • Spare parts and electronic components no longer count towards your Current stash.
  • You now need living space or a vehicle stash to sort junk<,em>, electronic components and spare parts.
  • Sorting spare parts has been overhauled.
  • Sorting junk has been overhauled.
  • Slightly decreased the impact of your Current stash on Carrying weight.
  • Increased quantities of stuff you can dump at your accommodation.
  • You can now stash stuff directly into an equipped vehicle.
  • Added some items to Overburdened.
  • Tweaked the styles on welding goggles.
  • You can now make cleaning kits in your workshop.
  • Reduced the cost of moving heavy goods slightly.
  • Moving heavy goods new uses Used your crew instead of paying them directly.
  • New artwork.
  • Made some performance improvements.
  • Fixed a problem with organ quality from bodies for the clinic.
  • Fixed sealed boxes giving far too much Current stash.
  • Fixed a problem that could lock An enemy in the Projects.
  • Fixed getting stuck around the Detention Centre if you're in a vehicle but out of fuel.
  • Fixed a bug with sorting electronic components.
  • Fixed a problem with fast scanning small numbers of rifle rounds.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Changes to current stash are now shown with other changes.
  • Fixed a bug with transport capacity in some locations.
  • Fixed not being able to use sleeping pills.
  • Fixed some accommodations still showing up as items.
  • Fixed a bug that reduced some characters' temperaments to zero.
  • – Please get in touch if you need a fix, or use it as a free opportunity to explore some other paths.
  • – This also affected Irene's contact if you're in a relationship with her; it's been automatically reset to 20.

Kimchi Man


  • This one's dedicated to big fan of the game and active community member who very sadly passed away last weekend. He'll be missed.
  • You now have a Current stash value for consumables, such as ammo, pills and food.
  • – The limit is given by your clothing and bags.
  • – You can refill from accommodation or a vehicle that you've stocked.
  • – You can stock vehicles from accommodation.
  • – Buying and finding relevant items will also increase your Current stash.
  • – Many actions will require you to have some personal stash (not widely implemented yet).
  • – You don't have to worry about specific items; it's an abstracted system.
  • There's a new Packs & bags slot in Outfit.
  • Several new bags to buy.
  • – You've been given one automatically.
  • You can now assign a trusted sidekick as a runner to help with all this.
  • New mechanics for being able to access heavy goods.
  • – Also not widely implemented yet.
  • Most places using Mechanic's tools now require them to be equipped.
  • Likewise with Razorblades.
  • Limited how often Looking after your organs can appear.
  • Increased the pay for your fuel depot crew ($10/day seemed a little low).
  • Also increased the rate at which fuel is sold.
  • Being a pimp has had a little work.
  • Overthinking now applies to converting info types and the limit has been raised.
  • You can no longer convert info that you've just made by converting from other info.
  • Removed Style/Street cool from Riot gear.
  • Accommodations are no longer in the inventory, and can no longer appear in Quick access.
  • Manage your life is now a pinned card.
  • Eastside stacks now requires you to be Inside to access it.
  • Increased the price of electronic components a little.
  • Sorting electronic components has been re-done.
  • Toho has been divided into departments.
  • Removed Transport capacity from the dirt bike.
  • Item weights have been somewhat overhauled.
  • Transport capacity from logistics teams now drops if their quality becomes too low.
  • Streamlined getting changed with obvious mutations slightly.
  • New artwork.
  • Stats are now recalculated straight away if their cap changes, rather than when next used.
  • Fixed "On quarter mile" on One last thing using driving skill instead of riding.
  • Fixed a problem with getting Mechaballs installed.
  • Fixed a bug with going inside with the Cheap sedan equipped in some situations.
  • Fixed Shades at night not showing up properly.
  • Fixed a problem with inviting Irene over in Palisade.
  • Fixed some Anabolic steroid options being unlocked even if you're teetotal.
  • Fixed sorting caps not working properly if you're hanging with Jax.
  • Fixed making GoGas not consuming the eye drops.
  • Fixed a rare problem with hooking up with Willow.
  • Fixed stat changes sometimes saying "increased" instead of "decreased" and vice versa.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the action cost of Crash out options.
  • Fixed a bug with hiring chances at The Roach Coach.
  • Fixed "Someone's dead" on Trouble with your crew not always removing a crew member.
  • Fixed a problem with the Resilience boost for the Life support system.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!

Access continued


  • Access codes have been revamped.
  • – You now pick characters and apply the code when you visit its URL.
  • – More information is now provided on the page.
  • – Different codes now have different timeouts and other limits.
  • – There are some new codes in-game, with more coming.
  • – Discord members now get a unique access code:
  • Drones has had a little bit of work.
  • Tweaked some stuff to do with vehicle usage.
  • Sorting Dirty white capsules has been streamlined.
  • Sorting ammo has been streamlined.
  • You can no longer sort Stored ammo.
  • There's a new app for fast scanning ammo.
  • Ammo sorting actions now work the same as for spikes (zero for category, one for specific rounds).
  • Added the Blue collar core style to a few items
  • Removed the Blue collar style from the Tactical belt.
  • A security patrol has had a little work.
  • The balance of life has had another tweak.
  • Removed the options to pay credits for accelerated implant installation and endocrine treatment.
  • Removed Just woke up while you're in jail.
  • You can now get Prosthetic paperwork to prove that your limbs aren't elective.
  • – This has been auto-applied where appropriate.
  • You now get a debuff when wearing shades at night.
  • Shades and a lower face mask together will now buff your Masked up.
  • Training with your teams now uses the base skill.
  • Crazy habits has had a little work.
  • Make some tweaks to Get a care package (overall value remains the same).
  • Improved the messaging on locked options.
  • Fixed a problem on Make it stop leaving your inventory hidden.
  • Fixed stat modifiers not being sorted properly on outfit detail dialogs.
  • Fixed a handful of incorrect shopping prices.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!

Minor release


  • You can now wear welding goggles as an accessory at the same time if you have more than one pair.
  • Wearing a motocross helmet now hides the Face slot.
  • Adjusted some melée weapon ranges.
  • Increased the size of cash handouts on the crew cards slightly.
  • Tweaked The balance of life.
  • Put a (high) hard limit on each type of breather (use them if you've got them).
  • Toned down the fingerless leather gloves a little.
  • Neck items now have a separate slot.
  • The Accessories slot now equips one less item.
  • – Some outfits might need adjusting.
  • New artwork.
  • Corrected the stats on the new machete.
  • Fixed The work crews testing driving skill instead of riding as appropriate.
  • Added missing Personal biometrics/Simple to the Akizowear Zone One.
  • Fixed a rare problem where Crazy vibes could have no options.
  • Fixed sometimes being left with Someone on pillion with no passengers.
  • Fixed a problem with the music selector on chase scenes.
  • Fixed some more typos and text errors; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed a problem with equipping multiple close companions.
  • Fixed a rare bug with "Obsessional" on Feeling the Edge.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!
  • h

Minor release


  • Modified Pain cards to be a little more forgiving.
  • Put a cap on High/Adrenalin.
  • Improved the system for your hookers' names if you're a pimp.
  • Sorting junk and spares with your crew now contributes to Daily bread.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed another problem with Irene's location.
  • Fixed the missing limit on Projects facts for making Detailed plans.
  • Fixed a problem with "Do something for her" on Talking to Irene.
  • Fixed a problem with Gasping for it.
  • Fixed the Daily bread calculation on giving your Projects crew drugs.
  • Fixed a problem with moving back to the slums after an Interstate pick-up.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!
  • h

Minor release


  • Added some stuff to "Your relationship..." cards while you're in jail.
  • You can now only (successfully) invite Irene over once per sleep.
  • Irene will now join you as a Close companion if you've invited her to the Projects.
  • Added a maximum Sustenance requirement for drinking horchata at Nana's Mexican.
  • Prevented Got an app for that? from appearing when you're in jail.
  • Fixed a problem with delivering Irene's errands.
  • Fixed missing Irene options on accommodation cards.
  • Fixed "Open it up" on Open roads using the wrong skill check.
  • Fixed missing Glare reduction on Aviator shades.

Minor release


  • You can now ask Irene to visit you in specific areas.
  • Irene now has her own Need level.
  • A bit of extra Irene stuff.
  • Fixed a Psychosis reduction problem with Anti-drepssants.

Minor release


  • Building a home or a lockup in the bordertown now counts towards Crew/Daily bread.
  • Catfish operations now count towards Crew/Daily bread.
  • Hanging at your place has had a bit of work.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with Traffic congestion.
  • Fixed a problem with Driving conditions.
  • Fixed a problem with leaving your vehicle in Parking if it was your only ride.
  • Fixed a small problem with supplying your fire team with drugs.
  • Fixed another possible way to lock yourself in the wardrobe.
  • Fixed a bug that mean that care packages weren't giving blood to vampires.
  • Fixed a bug at the clinic that required the wrong choice about facial scars in order to start healing them.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Most vehicle cards will now lock out the slot tabs until they're played.
  • You can now clean stored weapons without getting them out.
  • Allowed for bigger refuelling at the pump.
  • You can no longer binge when you're on a Deep hit breather.
  • Saving time is now discardable.
  • "Hone your skills" on On fire now improves riding instead of driving.
  • Fixed welding goggles having Outfitted/Riding twice.
  • Fixed a problem with side alleys in the slums.
  • Fixed the options button for the action hover effect not working.
  • Fixed a problem with Hitting the streets not always dropping automatically.
  • The binge timer now shows up correctly.
  • Fixed Got someone on pillion not disappearing when you dismiss a companion.
  • Cleared up some possible problems with buttons in the character actions area.
  • Fixed hand size change notifications sometimes being the wrong way around.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • You can no longer pin branches selected by the randomiser.
  • Fixed a display problem with multiple item equipped messages.
  • Fixed item previews not displaying sorted effects.
  • Fixed a bug with making breathers.
  • Fixed some tests that should have used riding, not driving.
  • Fixed some incorrect images.
  • One or two other smaller fixes.

Hot wheels and methedrine


  • The vehicle fuel system has been revamped.
  • – Allows finer grained settings and more fuel types in future.
  • Each vehicle now has a tank size and its own fuel load.
  • There's now a control panel for your equipped vehicle.
  • – Just a few things so far.
  • New Comfort factor for vehicles
  • Vehicle prices have been tweaked (mostly down).
  • Your hand size will sometimes increase for a short while when you get into a vehicle.
  • Driving a vehicle often will make you familiar with it, giving some bonuses.
  • Getting into a vehicle now normally triggers a card.
  • New Skill/Riding, for motorbikes (and other things in future).
  • New Driving conditions mechanic.
  • You can now drive to Army surplus.
  • You can now get Traffic congestion, especially around rush hour.
  • You should now dress appropriately for riding a bike.
  • You can now possible get a small bit of Clothing wear when driving an open vehicle.
  • The Muscle car is now the Toleen Misfit GTX Special.
  • The Sport coupé is now the Mondragon NF.5.
  • Lots of other small tweaks and changes with vehicles.
  • New Saving time mechanic.
  • – Gain action refreshes or turn it into other things.
  • Repeatedly stealing or trying to use Thievery now makes things harder.
  • You can now buy Kevlar helmets.
  • You can now buy Motocross helmets.
  • You now only need to take melatonin once per day to shift your wake/sleep cycle.
  • DMM "Under the influence" cards are no longer transitory.
  • Just work up now lasts longer for night owls.
  • Just work up is now removed if your Alertness gets high enough.
  • New Early morning mechanic for early birds, with new stuff here and there.
  • Being heavily loaded now reduces max Carpe diem.
  • Some equipment now enables a Grenades slot.
  • Grenades have to be equipped here to be useable in a dynamic scene.
  • Using a grenade in a dynamic scene no longer uses Time remaining.
  • Get some air now requires Living space/here and now.
  • The game now records your number of bordertown lock-ups (it takes a guess at your existing ones, if any).
  • There's now one more pro spike to find.
  • New artwork.
  • Stat change displays have been improved.
  • Mousing over a stat change now gives you the full info for that item.
  • Changes such as hand size and actions are now shown.
  • Changes to equipped item stats are now also shown.
  • Reduced and increased hand size is now shown in the hand.
  • Binge mode now shows a timer when it's active.
  • You can now filter items by effect as well as title.
  • You can now filter all the category tabs, not just the inventory tabs.
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts, with hover tips.
  • Improved layout on smaller screens.
  • Reintroduced action button hover (with option to disable).
  • Open cards that need to scroll now have close and discard buttons at the bottom.
  • Improved messages when bundling items.
  • You can now pin branches to the top of cards.
  • Other small interface improvements.
  • Item effects shown on hover are now sorted more sensibly.
  • You can now temporarily hide Going deeper... cards.
  • Tweaked leaving your kitchen in a mess.
  • Fixed Home comforts possibly not showing up with a home in the slums.
  • Fixed not being able to throw away an FN 5-7.
  • Fixed some DMM cards being discardable when they shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed an option on Your dump crew decreasing Daily bread instead of increasing it.
  • Fixed a formatting problem with large hand sizes and small screens.
  • Fixed Propensity/Anabolic steroids sometimes getting reduced instead of Propensity/A dangerous game.
  • Fixed the informer network option always being available on News from your depot.
  • Fixed various depot operations not dropping informer network quality.
  • Fixed paying rent in advance at Eastside stacks not costing an action.
  • Fixed a text discrepancy on Visiting the Technician.
  • Fixed a bug in the Daily bread calculation for the first week.
  • Fixed Girls/Running them hard being able to rise indefinitely (will reset to the cap automatically).
  • Fixed Girls/happiness being able to rise indefinitely (will reset to the cap automatically).
  • Fixed unlimited buying from Corpse.
  • Fixed rarely getting two Flatbed trucks when breaking up a logistics team.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Buffed anti-psychotics and anti-depressants slightly.
  • Breathers are now persistent across character death.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a rare problem in detention where you might not get your phone back with good behaviour.
  • Fixed some buttons not working on the site in Firefox.
  • Fixed some grammar problems with public profiles.
  • Fixed a problem with the "A little extra" option on Daily bread not working properly.
  • Fixed a note about paying your crew appearing too early.
  • Fixed a bug that meant restarting Willow's sex journey didn't work properly.
  • Fixed Got an errand to run coming up with no options for a Little World errand.
  • Fixed the arctic temperament quirk being left on if you chose the low body temperature mutation as an extra.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Improved some descriptions and tutorial text on different stats.
  • The day you need to deal with Crew/Daily bread is now displayed in Weekly.
  • New artwork.
  • Sped up display of pinned cards.
  • Fixed new performance problems.
  • Fixed some style inconsistency with hover tips.
  • Fixed All your teams missing dump teams.
  • Fixed a problem with Narcissist sometimes having no options.
  • Fixed bad formatting on the organ collection progress report on the backstreet clinic.
  • Fixed paying cash to your crew being at zero for newer characters.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Maintenace release


  • The Warren now counts as living space and a place to stay in the slums if you no longer have access to Palisade.
  • – If Ann's living there, her location will change automatically.
  • Reduced the Daily bread target slightly for newer characters (less than 200 days in).
  • Added a reminder to Going down about Daily bread.
  • You can now give your crew a little last minute cash on Daily bread.
  • "Keep them happy" crew options no longer recruit more crew.
  • "Keep them happy" crew options are now always available and all have a cash option.
  • "Keep them happy" cash options are now higher.
  • You can no longer get Poor employer your first time going through Daily bread.
  • – Existing Poor employer stats have been removed.
  • Items for sale at the homeless camp now rotate with every purchase.
  • Updated the engine to its latest dependencies.
  • Updated Steam SDK to the latest version.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a possible problem with getting locked on a scene when leaving Zane's place.
  • Fixed a problem that could lock you in on Buying from Corpse.
  • Fixed urgent homeless camp errands sometimes causing a problem.
  • Fixed Sex with Smith not giving relationship troubles.
  • Fixed running out of fuel at the depot not removing the fuel merchant job.
  • Fixed a problem with using a Background consideration to find Mad Mike.
  • Fixed not being able to sell heavy weapons when working a deal in the slums.
  • Fixed single digit dollar amounts being converted to words.
  • Fixed a rare bug with Doing time left on when leaving jail.
  • Fixed a problem with Someone's waiting for you being blank.
  • Fixed showing the discounted credit price immediately after buying your first subscription.
  • Fixed a potential problem with getting some specific wounds before entering the city for the first time.
  • Fixed being able to start dating someone else while in the middle of Pursuing/Irene.
  • Fixed Mirabelle's story only being able to continue if you have somewhere to stay in the slums.
  • Fixed Post-coital bliss not triggering other DMM cards.
  • Fixed some potential problems with Off your guard, just for a second.
  • Fixed a problem with the count on Total sidekicks if you assign one as a companion.
  • Fixed possibly still having a vehicle equipped if you're in jail.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Another possible fix for weirdness when changing outfits.
  • Fixed delivering burner phones to the forgers not removing the phones.
  • Fixed a problem with images sometimes not loading.
  • Fixed a debugging option showing on The arms depot.
  • Fixed waiting for new balls counting as an untreated wound.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports.

Little World


  • You can now visit the homeless camp in the airport, if you've got the route.
  • Hired help cards have been more than somewhat redesigned.
  • All negative options are now located on a single card.
  • You can now look for mutants in your hired help.
  • You now have to think about your hired help's loyalty and organisation.
  • – It sets some default values if you have existing hired help.
  • And also make sure you pay them enough per week.
  • Numerous smaller tweaks and bits of content for hired help.
  • You can now call your hired help directly from your phone (or inventory cards).
  • You can't transfer hired help from the airport to the slums anymore.
  • Loyalty will also increase slowly over time.
  • You now have some stuff to deal with if you've got a lot of teams.
  • It's now easier to get sidekicks (more of a process).
  • Sidekicks now have their own card and options from the inventory.
  • You can now choose a look for your sidekicks.
  • You can now assign sidekicks as two different types of Close companions.
  • New Target/Street crime mechanic.
  • – Your target level depends on a while lot of factors.
  • – Makes being targeted less random and more controllable.
  • – Your likelihood of being ambushed in side alleys is also affected.
  • Light fingers has had some work.
  • There's now a daily limit on manually clearing your hand (via almost any means).
  • The DMM deck will now always draw a complete hand if it's available at all.
  • – Several new cards, a rare new breather type and a rare new mechanic.
  • You can now by .410 bore at The arms depot.
  • You can now sell bundled shotguns via your inventory.
  • Made opioids last longer.
  • Crashed adrenals now blocks drug taking actions instead of nullifying the effect.
  • New artwork.
  • The adult content image pack has been updated.
  • New tutorial material.
  • Performance improvement when opening tabs with a lot of items.
  • Fixed Refresh your style not always giving you Dressed to impress as it should.
  • Fixed the Lace shrug sometimes not being equippable since it was moved to Accessories.
  • Fixed cooking a special meal for now also giving you the stored meal.
  • Fixed disappearing kills.
  • Some other minor narrative fixes.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Added a Background consideration for looking for Mad Mike.
  • There's now a limit on how frequently you can visit the borderland arms depot.
  • Moved the lace shrug from Outerwear to Accessories.
  • Fixed being able to raise your Dressed to impress indefinitely with Refresh your style.
  • Fixed Shaoxing not always being consumed when you drink it.
  • Some other minor bug fixes.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Removed recently added mechanics to do with crews.
  • – A new system is coming.
  • – PSA: if you have over 50-60 Total hired help, it might be an idea to start thinning the ranks.
  • So wired it hurts will now appear in Palisade.
  • Reduced the chances of getting the same enforcer job twice in a row.
  • You can now longer use a high level mood if the mood is equipped.
  • Made some tweaks to There is only madness.
  • You can now downgrade your cloned organs to grey market if you really want to.
  • You can now dump a burner to reduce Making noise.
  • You can now drop the A trip through the border enforcer job after the first step.
  • Tweaked some more card frequencies.
  • Limited the number of extra-credit tests you can take per course at Covedale.
  • Someone's waiting for you now includes some more reminders.
  • Some small performance enhancements.
  • The number of some equipped items will now be hidden where it's irrelevant.
  • New artwork.
  • New music track.
  • Fixed A warning about Cheap Hotel errands not clearing the errand.
  • Fixed a possible problem with Flexible closure getting stuck on until sleep.
  • Fixed booster spikes not filling your Carpe diem if your max is above 10.
  • Fixed Absolutely styling getting left on if you don't choose an outfit style.
  • Fixed True focus being required to remove Bitterness on Working your moods.
  • Fixed some narrative consistencies in A meeting at Frank's.
  • Fixed some incorrect Reputation/Cinci Dump changes when delivering spare parts or junk.
  • Fixed a problem with throwing away your diary.
  • Fixed your A fortune in fuel/Asking price getting stuck if you set it very low.
  • Fixed a missing image in the Projects.
  • Lots of typos fixed; thanks for the reports!



  • The Braid spike is now functional.
  • Adjusted some stats and prices and special spikes.
  • Adjusted caps for things such as Max team training and Planning for the streets.
  • The cap on Detailed plans has been increased.
  • Hunting now requires at least some legwork, not just using stored info.
  • Being on a bike no longer protects you from Tooled up.
  • Open vehicles now reduce your Perceived temperature.
  • Urban driving now uses a little more fuel.
  • You can now put your phone into low security mode.
  • Internal armour and Weak skin are now mutually exclusive (but don't worry if you've already got them both).
  • New phone app to buy: Boozt.
  • The app slot now tells you the security and performance figures on hover.
  • Apps have been reordered in the slot.
  • Top level moods now decay a little faster.
  • You can now only get one bucket of blood during a visit to a one-shot clinic.
  • New tutorial content.
  • Improved some help text.
  • New artwork.
  • New adaptive system for limiting user activity based on server response time.
  • – Only affects playing a card, deck draws and equipped item changes.
  • – Fewer resyncs at the cost of more dead clicks, but should only affect a few percent of players.
  • Fixed a problem that could allow two hired help cards to be drawn at once.
  • Fixed Your projects crew sometimes having no usable options.
  • Fixed Feeling the Edge sometimes having no usable options.
  • Fixed buying app missing an action cost.
  • Fixed a bug that meant Hidden threats could flip to a win when you were losing.
  • Fixed being able to equip your tail at the same time as a primary weapon.
  • Fixed some minor possible bugs with Hunting.
  • Fixed decks very occasionally being hidden when they shouldn't be.
  • Fixed a potential problem in The Straw Sandal.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Made some possible fixes to the Enforcement system.
  • Fixed the incorrect max limit on rumours for building familiarity on Exploring the town.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • New artwork.
  • Fixed being able to skip Obsession by going to pick a new one and then discarding the card.
  • Fixed some possible problems with Breaking contact.
  • Fixed being able to raise familiarity in the bordertown indefinitely using rumours.
  • Fixed a problem with restocking your rapid response team needing too many goodie bags.
  • Fixed cold showers sometimes giving you a hangover.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with travel between Palisade and Interstate.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • The game now remembers which prosthetics you had were elective (it'll guess at past ones).
  • Fixed some missing images caused by the last update.
  • Fixed a bug that let you have both arms replaced at once in an underground clinic.
  • Possibly fixed it very rarely being daylight when deep into the night.

Bugfix release


  • New artwork.
  • Loading alternative images should now work.
  • Fixed a problem with getting overpaid when overdelivering on the junk trade.

Minor release


  • Breaking contact now uses deck draws rather than actions for timing.
  • HypoStims now also use deck draws rather than actions for timing.
  • These two effects will automatically clear with sleep, however.
  • Police-issue HypoStims are now slightly more effective than grey market ones.
  • The system now knows your current style when you get changed (if any).
  • Style requirements now used your currently worn style instead of checking all styles that you're wearing.
  • Refreshing your style on Manage your life now costs an action.
  • Physical mutants now have a couple of convenience options after getting changed.
  • Cold showers can now sober you up a little.
  • Messing with things no longer deactivates with high pain.
  • Tweak hired help card frequency.
  • Combat boots now have Style/Punk.
  • Fixed not being able to dump a burner on Got trouble in the slums.
  • Fixed basic treatment at the clinic not checking your base injury level.
  • Fixed some possible minor bugs when getting changed.
  • Fixed a bug with murder crew hunts in the Projects always failing.
  • Fixed sometimes getting a second socket added when equipping a spike.
  • Fixed your breather machine not being available at Eastside Stacks unless it's your home.
  • Fixed a max dose of co-codamol not reducing pain.
  • Fixed a small problem with the skill training on Your endurance system.
  • Fixed access codes sometimes being run more than once on game load.
  • A few more typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • You can now pay the rent early at the noodle bar and Eastside Stacks.
  • Looking after yourself has been tweaked a little.
  • Tweaked the frequency of Secret murder.
  • Tweaked prison routine timings.
  • You now get your Hostility/Slums law removed or reduced if you go to jail.
  • Fixed a couple of price discrepancies at the Gun shop.
  • Fixed some potential problems with Hunting in the bordertown.
  • Fixed some problems with Secret murder.
  • Fixed a problem on The Overthrow.
  • Possibly fixed a bug with enforcement mechanics from gang trouble.

Bugfix release


  • Someone's waiting for you – new reminders for things that are easy to forget.
  • The game now keeps track of your physical punishments from various organisations.
  • – No historical data though.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a bug with missing text in the kills section of public character bios.
  • Fixed a bug with the new dead crew mechanics.
  • A few more typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Crew cut


  • You can no longer get away with ignoring your hired help if they want to leave.
  • You can no longer safely ignore dead hired help either.
  • Someone's dead on your crew cards has been tweaked.
  • It's no longer possible to draw more than one hired help card at the same time.
  • Reduced the war strength contribution of hired help slightly.
  • Buffed Increase your need on Your systemic regulator.
  • Your eyewear should now re-equip when you leave an inside location.
  • – The slot's hidden when you go inside somewhere now.
  • You now get Decluttered instead of small increases to storage capacity or temporary drops in storage capacity used.
  • – This decays over time but has a bigger effect while it's active.
  • Your fuel job now tells you how many machine guys, mines and tire shredders you've added to the depot.
  • – The machine guns figure is historically accurate; the other two start from zero.
  • Building your rep stats now show a number.
  • Feelgood spikes now only go in your first socket.
  • Having a feelgood spike equipped now prevents you from equipping other spikes using cards.
  • NPCs will now no longer react to kills that are too far in the past.
  • New artwork.
  • Public profile info now has some new wording for kills.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with the puppy.
  • Fixed Raff getting the initial day of the week incorrect.
  • Fixed Trouble in Cinci occasionally having no results.
  • Really fixed the bug on Move your ass this time.
  • Fixed missing Training your teams mechanic on Killers.
  • Fixed a potential problem with Time for your own two feet.
  • Fixed throwing away hash not having a minimum requirement.
  • Fixed a problem with Cyberchurch where the ritual always came up twice in a row instead of being randomised.
  • The total kill count is now up to date again.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with travel to and from Palisade.
  • Fixed a small potential problem with feelgood spikes.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!

Killer conscience


  • The game now records each type of kill you've made.
  • – Your historical kills are guessed at.
  • Kills can now either be hidden or known.
  • You'll have to work to keep hidden kills hidden, or reveal them by choice.
  • Most NPC interactions are now based on known kills.
  • The clinic will now clear up any Evidence at the scene if you ask them to dispose of a body.
  • On the run cards for each area now appear in all place decks (although they've been renamed).
  • On the run cards now exist for the airport and bordertown.
  • A body can now sometimes be set as a closed area, which can alter the scene slightly.
  • Evidence no longer appears at the top right.
  • System down now forces a random option on you, instead of letting you choose.
  • If it's blocked, the neural interface now gives more info on hover about what's happening.
  • The SensPerience port is now considered to be an actual second port in your head, and not just for sorting spikes.
  • The main and secondary ports can now get spikes locked into them separately.
  • Refined some other things to do with neural interface locks.
  • You can now restart Cyberchurch if you refused Jax initially, or later on The Technician (use Manage your life).
  • You now get an old pick-up truck back from breaking up a logistics team, if you hired it from Smith.
  • You can now send an murder squad after an enemy in the Projects.
  • You can now work with your Projects murder squads via your inventory.
  • New tutorial content.
  • New artwork.
  • An additional performance improvement for cards with a lot of options.
  • Fixed buying heroin decreasing rather increasing Money for the Jags/Modes.
  • Fixed sometimes getting Course/Credit at the night school without a course active.
  • Fixed a problem with dissolving fire teams.
  • Fixed being able to equip spikes through cards if you're locked due to A dangerous game.
  • Fixed some minor bugs to do with chases.
  • Possibly fixed extra items being equipped sometimes when working with outfits.
  • Fixed a bug that meant clothing wear wasn't getting applied.
  • Fixed some potential corner cases to do with neural interface locks.
  • Fixed a potential timing inconsistency problem for events that use actions.
  • Fixed upcoming events sometimes being duplicated on game load.
  • Fixed a small problem on The pain.
  • Fixed a bug on Move your ass.
  • A few more typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Removed the credit-locked option on On the run (plus some other work).
  • Removed the credit-locked options on menace cards.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed not all spikes cards checking that your interface is locked before equipping a spike.
  • Fixed a problem on Trouble which meant it didn't end when it should.
  • Fixed some requirements for giving stuff to Miriam being inconsistent.
  • Fixed a rare situation where healing for Light cuts could be removed without actually healing them.
  • Fixed a bug with some Absolutely styling stuff.
  • Fixed a bug with Hidden threats that would let the stat drop to zero when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed some incorrect narrative when you're sleeping with Smith.
  • Fixed a problem with quitting working for Crash.
  • Fixed a bug with throwing a flash grenade on After them.
  • Fixed Hot storage not being present on the jail implant deactivation card.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • You now have to be dressed before making gender tweaks while getting changed.
  • Fixed Ann not moving from Palisade accommodations to The Warren if you make that move.
  • Fixed an option showing up for sexless mutants when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed "Do yourself up" on Eastside Stacks reflecting your sex instead of current presentation.

Need for need


  • You can now experience Getting desperate if your Need rises beyond a certain point.
  • Tweaked Need growth.
  • You can now get the Autoerotic quirk.
  • Facial scars are now implemented.
  • Your diary now has the concept of personal notes along with its other content.
  • No food for vampire mutants now means no more liquid food as well as solids.
  • Added additional gender tweak options when getting changed.
  • Added selling Shaoxing to Overburdened.
  • New artwork.
  • Added another fix for possible duplicated equipped items.
  • Fixed a problem with getting the wrong bonus on copper contracts on Getting a bonus?.
  • Fixed a problem with Crazy vibes sometimes having no options.
  • Dealt with a rare situation where you could end up with more new girls than street girls.
  • Fixed a problem with your sawn-off disappearing when using the survival shotgun.
  • Fixed Working the streets getting reset when travelling from Palisade to the slums.
  • Fixed not being able to edit an empty outfit.
  • Fixed context sensitive colour for Perceived temperature not flipping around for winter.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed unlocking contact with Zara despite the content wall (existing levels will be reset).
  • Fixed Medical conditions possibly being left on after Triage.
  • Fixed a problem on "Have some fun" on Making tracks.
  • Fixed a bug with taking Enforcement if you ran and failed to get away.
  • Fixed a bug with your tail getting tapped out when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug with being chased on We have explosives.
  • Fixed travelling from the bordertown to the slums with a nanite system.
  • Fixed more typos; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • You can no longer get offered a junk trade bonus for a contact where you've already collected enough.
  • Fixed a bug with the rent at Cheap Hotel.
  • Fixed Inside or out? occasionally having no available options.
  • Fixed the Outerwear slot sometimes getting locked on.
  • Fixed Cyberchurch occasionally having no options.
  • More typos corrected; thanks for the reports.



  • Some new content and other tweaks in the Projects.
  • A little more of A history of violence.
  • A favour from Irene has had a little bit of work.
  • Made some minor tweaks to Playing a dangerous game.
  • Tied up a corner case on Pimps and prostitutes (Ann now leaves if a certain non-violent condition is met).
  • Clothing wear can now drop Dressed to impress.
  • Mental health problems are now worse when you first get them.
  • Pimping Ann has had some minor tweaks.
  • Tweaked pimping to make having no street girls slight easier to deal with.
  • Prevented Irene going away when she's hanging at your place.
  • You no longer have to pass a test when picking out a street corner special (they're always in good condition).
  • If you have feminine base gender, you can now increase your femininity while getting changed.
  • You can now alter your skin tone on Manage your life.
  • You can now choose to unlock more explicit content on Manage your life if you want to.
  • Additional tutorial content.
  • New artwork.
  • Some more performance optimisations.
  • Made checking for a server connection more robust.
  • Fixed a minor problem with failing to harvest human meat on A body.
  • Fixed a problem with an option showing up that shouldn't on Ann's got something on her mind.
  • Fixed a small problem on So how about it?
  • Fixed being about to invite Irene over when she's already hanging at your place.
  • Fixed some discrepancies in the display of level caps.
  • Fixed the wrong change amount sometimes being shown for capped items.
  • Corrected all mentions of the Bordertown life deck to be consistent.
  • Fixed missing Style/Goth on Tight leather jeans.
  • Fixed another problem on Nil's girl.
  • Fixed Relationship troubles sometimes not disappearing with Smith.
  • Fixed the amount of Tramadol required for a sale on Working the streets.
  • Fixed a minor bug to do with outfits.
  • Fixed the Cheap hotel errand for grey market organs not removing them from your inventory.
  • Fixed a problem with notifications associated with the tool belt.
  • Fixed a bad interaction on Your systemic regulator for vampire mutants.
  • Fixed being able to use the nighthawk option on Your awareness is slipping once it's back to day.
  • Fixed a problem with broken arms and wrists not being removed if you have a prosthetic.
  • More typos corrected; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • More Crazy Clown... maybe.
  • Errands at Cheap hotel have had some work.
  • Errand urgency not longer affects you for your first few days in the slums.
  • Working your crews now shows the value that you have.
  • Tight leather jeans now give some Style/Goth.
  • Clothing wear is no longer a hidden factor.
  • Tweaked the FiaF awarded if you kill your character.
  • Street sense no longer stacks if you move area while Working the streets and then restart.
  • Some small tweaks for Working the streets.
  • You can now get accelerated implant installation from The Technician for implants he's installed.
  • New artwork.
  • Corrected the art on Your response team.
  • Fixed the buying price of spikes on Plug in/Switch on (he was only charging for one, not two).
  • Fixed delivery Edge on Making face giving you some instead of taking it away.
  • Rapid response team quality/Cinci slums is now listed in the correct place.
  • Fixed a potential problem with character death.
  • Fixed Nothing there occasionally not being usable.
  • Fixed a small problem on Ann's on you again.
  • Fixed the fuel merchant job not being counted if you picked it up in certain conditions.
  • Fixed Security not blocking slot tabs properly.
  • Fixed a problem with the fuel usage on The rig.
  • Another fix for duplicated equipment effects.
  • Fixed an option showing up on An offer from Ann when it shouldn't.
  • Various typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • There's a new interaction and conversation with Darlene.
  • Improved the odds of surviving death with a crash team or recovery clause.
  • You can now create and work with rapid response teams.
  • You can now sell painkillers of various types when working the streets.
  • Gun vendors now show how many of the item for sale you already own, as well as item previews.
  • If you're new in Cinci, you now can't move out of the initial accommodation for a couple of weeks.
  • Improved some stuff around the weapon version of the mutant tail.
  • More work on improving card pulls.
  • Tweaked some intro text when setting up a fuel depot.
  • You can now swap bigger amounts of fuel in the chop shop.
  • The credits option for leaving the Projects the first time you go there has been removed. You now get extra, more emphatic warning before making the trip.
  • You can now clean your stored weapons through the inventory.
  • You can now use bundled items to finish errands, where appropriate.
  • Except for the Projects, you can now form logistics teams using a pick-up truck.
  • You can now access The rig through Destinations after you’ve found it.
  • There's a small buff to the cannibal mutation.
  • Need has been tweaked to grow a bit faster with time.
  • Hanging with an NPC no longer blocks something on their mind.
  • You can now sell non-bundled drugs on Cheap shit.
  • Irene being away should no longer interfere with A meeting at Frank's.
  • It's now always warmer in the Projects, when you're inside.
  • There's now a limit on how often you can arrange a meeting with the smugglers.
  • The clinic will now discuss their available implants even when you’re in the process of installing one.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with sexless mutants on Back for more.
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions for your contact with Darlene.
  • Fixed being able to enter The backstreet clinic in the Projects before you've actually found it.
  • Fixed the clinic's facilities in the Projects sometimes not showing up.
  • Fixed a bug that meant you could spam your internal armour on Shot up until success in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug when delivering errands in the Capsule hotel where you could receive the rewards without having the items needed.
  • Fixed a bug where you could be paid for delivering two cloned organs to Jax but only lose one.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs on Sexytimes with Ann.
  • Fixed a bug that let you sell binoculars that you don't have.
  • Fixed Ann being out at the bar near the chilli place more than once per day.
  • Fixed a problem on Fighting your way out.
  • Fixed the range on the tanto.
  • Corrected the price of bundled PDWs.
  • Fixed long weapons showing up as stored after throwing them away.
  • Fixed a rare bug with Something for Ann.
  • Fixed Carpe diem being given when a vehicle re-equips when you leave somewhere inside.
  • Fixed more typos; thanks for the reports!

Dangerous addiction


  • You can now get addicted to A dangerous game.
  • NPCs are now always gone for at least a day if they tell you that they're going away.
  • Some work on card frequency in the Life/Survival deck.
  • Pulling Security in the airport will now lock out your slot tabs until it's cleared.
  • Tweaked "Got your wheels" on Getting by in the airport.
  • You now risk taking some hit traits if you get too hungry.
  • HiPro bars have been rebalanced a little.
  • Building strength has been tweaked a little.
  • Endocrine treatment is now slightly quicker and guaranteed to reroll a different reaction.
  • The backstreet clinic will now chase any debt less hard if you're involved with Shady dealings.
  • Tweaked the price of a nanite flush at the backstreet clinic.
  • You can now buy your way into higher levels of services from the clinic if you're not involved with Shady dealings.
  • Tidied up some other things to do with the clinic.
  • The clinic can now clean you up if you're covered in it and need emergency treatment.
  • It's now possible to find a branch of the backstreet clinic in the Projects.
  • Battling your mind now decays with time; use it or lose it.
  • Skewed ideas now have a bit more of an impact.
  • Some additional tutorial content.
  • You now have to unequip a weapon before you throw it away.
  • Added an additional small option for early Willow interactions.
  • Made some additional performance improvements.
  • Improved the server side error checking around character death.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a bug with rent reminder for Eastside stacks not showing up on Going down correctly.
  • Fixed a big with not being able to use medical nanites to heal broken bones.
  • Fixed banging Angelique not requiring a minimum level of Need.
  • Fixed a problem with slums info showing up on So wired it hurts in the dump.
  • Fixed a bug with selling progress when hunting for a steroid dealer.
  • Fixed tooltip with cost not showing up on the new alt button if you don't have enough credits.
  • Fixed a problem with "All out assault" on Launch an attack.
  • Fixed messed up arms not being counted on Untreated wounds.
  • Fixed another instance of empty notifications sometimes getting shown.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to use "Get a lift" on Boosted.
  • Fixed a potential problem with FiaF levels when using the restart option.
  • Fixed a problem with the total cost of The Fox implant.
  • Fixed a bug with the sale price of heavy weapons when making a deal on the streets.
  • Fixed another problem with equipment effects getting doubled.
  • – If this is still affecting you, just switch outfits.
  • Fixed a small potential problem with the start of A week in the thug trade.
  • Fixed the timeout for Tank breathers not being displayed.
  • Fixed a possible early narrative problem with Willow.
  • Fixed a problem with Angelique not turning up for full sex.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Hot spike


  • The game's just passed 1.8 million words.
  • You can now fast scan more types of spikes.
  • You can now use Spike/Five Lucky Winds.
  • Spike/Turbo is now functional.
  • Removed a dangerous game from mood spikes.
  • Tweaked how your neural interface getting locked works a bit.
  • You can now find a steroid dealer via Workings the streets.
  • You can now sell Sens spikes while Workings the streets.
  • The wrench now gives a small bonus to the mechanics skill when equipped.
  • Travelling between Palisade and the slums no longer clears your hand (as it's subarea of the slums).
  • Reduced the frequency of No time to waste.
  • Your crash team now has to have a minimum level of quality to be used on Men down.
  • Anti-depressants now bundle to Mind magic.
  • You can no longer have wrist slugs or fingertip razorblades fitted if you have a prosthetic arm or two.
  • Carpe diem now has a more flexible cap instead of being capped at zero by certain problems.
  • Additional tutorial content.
  • New artwork.
  • The Sortable category has been reordered.
  • Made some performance enhancements when equipping outfits.
  • You can now equip an outfit when you have locked slots or items as long as none of them need to change.
  • You can now update existing outfits.
  • You'll now get a message is you try to equip an outfit that's already equipped.
  • The bundling message now calms down a bit once you've bundled a few items.
  • The quick access area now highlights when you're dragging something that can be dropped on it.
  • Fixed auto-unequipped items still showing as equipped.
  • Fixed a problem with having two of the same item showing up in your stat effects.
  • – If this is affecting you still, just change outfit.
  • Fixed a bug with recruiting a hooker from Your slums crew.
  • Possibly fixed a bug with access codes getting run more than once.
  • Fixed a problem with losing the wrong type of resources on Open roads in the airport.
  • Fixed a bug with pain and the Immune from pain mutation.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!



  • Fixed a small problem with Your need.
  • Fixed a bug making Smith's workshop not always available on The ethanol plant.
  • Fixed a potential bug with processing new hookers as a pimp.
  • Fixed a problem on Sexytimes with Ann.
  • Fixed a bug with one option on On your target.

Temperature drop


  • You thought the Time of the clown was over? Think again.
  • New seasonal quirks.
  • – A couple of mutations will have given these automatically.
  • Lupine chimerism and low body temperature mutations are now mutually exclusive.
  • You can no longer get prosthetic arms if you're an electric-skinned mutant.
  • – If you've already got either of the above combinations, don't worry, nothing will change retrospectively.
  • Increased payments for the airport work crews slightly.
  • Reduced max team training slightly.
  • There's some additional content for Ann, especially if you have a certain mutation.
  • Slot tabs are now locked out while you're dealing with a fresh wound.
  • You can now use a trusted sidekick to stash cash on Hard cash.
  • Some establishments now have a no masks rule (or no full face masks).
  • You can now drop your teetotal quirk, but it costs credits.
  • Made some small performance improvements.
  • Displaying descriptions or numbers by default for stats that have both is now selectable in options.
  • – Default is to show descriptions.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with Glare disappearing if you unequip an item that reduces it.
  • The "Making contact" option on Tower now checks the base value, not modified.
  • Training skills using higher level moods now checks the base value, not modified.
  • Fixed a bug on Recovering.
  • Fixed a bug with hunting for the smugglers' contact.
  • Fixed a problem with being able to do relationship stuff on In with Smith if you'd already split with him
  • Fixed a minor bug on A conversation with Smith.
  • Fixed an infinite fuel problem on All out.
  • Fixed a problem with shipping fuel on Arranging a deal from the bordertown.
  • Fixed a potential problem with empty notifications being displayed.
  • Fixed a problem on Parley with the smugglers.
  • Fixed being about to hang out at Covedale even when it's closed via Destinations.
  • Fixed sometimes getting Course/Work on Studying at the night school if you don't have a course on.
  • Fixed a text error on Time for more?.
  • More typos fixed. Thanks for the reports!



  • There's another small bit of heatwave event content.
  • Health & wellbeing stats now display the numbers by default.
  • Fixed a problem with Got a visit in jail that could give you a card with no options.
  • Fixed the action cost for driving back into Cinci with a one-time deal.
  • Fixed a problem with Glare.

Still hot


  • Additional heatwave event content.
  • Tooltips now include the maximum value of a stat where appropriate.
  • Carpe diem is now included in the left hand information area.
  • Temporarily disabled action button hover text while it gets a bit more work.
  • Fixed a bug with healing times for getting grafts in a one-shot clinic.
  • Fixed a discrepancy with travelling between Gamble St and Palisade.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports.



  • If you don't have the cash to buy the new Sinzil item straight away, you can now pay a couple of credits to hold it.
  • Fixed a problem on The hand of...
  • Fixed a problem for people very keen to follow ice cream trucks.
  • Fixed the Sinzil option on Gossip/Rumours being repeatable.



  • Special event content.
  • Renamed "Dressed for..." equipment stats to "Outfitted/..." for better consistency.
  • Tweaked the minimum Need level for banging.
  • Tweaked some stuff around Having a good time.
  • Additional tutorial content.
  • Removed Messing with things from the deck version of Zwei fortsetzung.
  • You can now filter items by title on the inventory and slot tabs.
  • Tweaked the animation on the action buttons.
  • Improved interface feedback when bundling items.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with the new long weapon mechanic if you're wearing a long coat.
  • Fixed a problem with hookup options on Keeping an eye on the slums.
  • Fixed a bug on Rolling that let you take fuel from your depot if you hadn't set it up yet.
  • Fixed Pushing yourself appearing on Your mind is glowing when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed being able to use the Your relationship option on In with Angelique if you'd already split with her.
  • Fixed On your feet not being drawn properly and leaving an empty had slot instead.
  • More typos fixed – thanks for the reports.

Night call


  • Introducing Night call, a new mechanic for night hawks.
  • There's a new Watcher card in the slums.
  • Details has been bumped up a level.
  • You can now access Odd jobs from Destinations in the dump.
  • Private lessons at the Dojo now also require you to be barefoot.
  • Variously cleaned up and improved Need/Ready for sex.
  • Tweaked Zane's starting war strength again.
  • Tweaked the war strength value of some teams upwards.
  • Limited the frequency of Building strength during a war.
  • When you start an urgent errand there's now more of a breathing space before you're reminded of it.
  • Certain negative conditions (such as Covered in it and Untreated wounds) will automatically give No interruptions and No moods.
  • You can now work with your strongbox without living space if you have a Trusted sidekick.
  • Slightly reduced the Supply & demand cost of working on a deal.
  • Added Messing with things on Going deep on your diary.
  • Being nude will now show the Chest and Legs slots.
  • Carrying a long weapon will now affect a few things directly, including reducing your sneak skill.
  • – But equipping the weapon negates the skill drop.
  • – This will only take effect when you next get a long weapon out of its locker.
  • New tutorial content.
  • City breakin' now requires Dressed to party.
  • Increased the impact of Dressed to party on Having a good time.
  • New perk for top community contributors on Discord (await access codes).
  • New artwork.
  • Cleaned up some stuff in the forgotten password system.
  • Fixed max level requirements not showing up on options when the max requirement is zero.
  • Fixed the landlord at the noodle bar saying he'll give you some hash when he doesn't.
  • Fixed possibly getting an extra guy from Drifing back in.
  • Fixed getting weekly payments come up as a result is haggling if your weekly payment is zero.
  • Prevented being able to get yourself into a changing room situation via Refresh your style.
  • Fixed a bug with selling your hunting progress in the Projects.
  • Popcorn at The Other Cinema now checks Nil by mouth.
  • Fixed another problem with tank breather side effects.
  • Fixed chasing a random street punk giving you too many bodies if you catch them.
  • Fixed a problem with the "A real talker" achievement not triggering.
  • – If you're eligible it'll trigger on game load.
  • Fixed a potential problem in the A meeting at Frank's storyline.
  • Running for the smugglers is now removed properly if you get jumped for your package.
  • Fixed a problem with Girls/Quality when selling a hooker through a deal on the streets.
  • Fixed a potential problem with the level cap for Need.
  • Fixed a possible problem with finding bodies in a dust storm.
  • Fixed some discrepancies with some skin tone images.
  • Made some additional minor fixes with implant installation from The Technician.
  • Fixed the War deck sometimes drawing no cards towards the end of a war.
  • Fixed a bug with Drifting back in during a war.
  • Fixed a rare problem with weapon wear on the Revvington 870.
  • Fixed a minor bug on Do some surgery.
  • Fixed a bug with selling progress on a hunt for a hash dealer.
  • Fixed a few incorrect effects from sexual activity.
  • Fixed a potential problem with difficulty tests for Familiarity.
  • Fixed some more typos; thanks for the reports!

Wardrobe malfunction


  • You can now save outfits for quick equipping on the Outfit screen.
  • – You can have as many saved outfits as you like.
  • – You can name outfits whatever you want.
  • – Saved outfits are also available on the left hand area, so you don't need to go into Outfit screen.
  • You can need specific gear and not just money to create a fire team.
  • You can now work with your slums fire team via your inventory.
  • The effectiveness of Working your teams now scales down with the number you have of a particular type.
  • There's some new tutorial content.
  • Changed shagged out's influence on "ready for sex" to be less of a binary thing.
  • Raised the soft cap on detailed plans.
  • Made some improvements to the car chase scene.
  • New artwork, including new avatars.
  • – Changing your avatar will be free for the next week or so.
  • Some more work on organising the stats and tabs.
  • Improved the menu display on smaller screens.
  • Fixed another small problem with Nil's girl.
  • Fixed a bug that meant secondary equipped items (e.g. the hood from the hoodie) weren't display properly.
  • Fixed a bug with Zane's initial war situation (it was missing some settings so he was much weaker than intended).
  • Fixed the same bug for the smuggler's initial war situation.
  • Fixed a problem with your opponent's ongoing war funding.
  • Fixed a potential problem with Killing Bloodless.
  • Fixed a potential bug with osteophyte mutants.
  • Fixed being able to get implant assistance from The Technician when you shouldn't.
  • Fixed Jax asking after Ann still after you get them together.
  • Fixed another problem with tank breather side effects triggering on game load.
  • Fixed a problem with the New girls mechanic.
  • Fixed hacker style being available when it shouldn't be.
  • Fixed Raff saying you can move back into the noodle bar rooms if you still have them.
  • Fixed being able to bundle the sawn-off shotgun.
  • Fixed a problem with looting Some crazy cyborg.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Liver and chianti


  • There's a new piece of intro content called The way of the cannibal.
  • – Once you've done this, you'll be able to get back into human-meat related activities, if that's your thing.
  • Recruiting a girl from your crew as a pimp is now a little harder.
  • When you recruit or find new girls, there's now a time delay before you can sell them.
  • The Skin and Chest outfit slots no longer auto-equip.
  • You can now leave a changing room without picking a style, if you want.
  • If you've got a large chest or are three breasted, chest binders are now a little more awkward.
  • "Start over" in a changing room now clears all outfit slots, not just some of them.
  • Booted up now has level descriptions.
  • There's now a soft cap on detailed plans.
  • There's now a soft cap and some other tweaks for rare insights.
  • Detailed plans and rare insights now have a usage limit, but you can push yourself to get beyond it.
  • The Live connection spike has been renamed and repurposed to give you pushing yourself.
  • Some of the equippable moods have been tweaked to give pushing yourself instead of other things.
  • You can now pay a cover charge instead of buying drinks at the various Interstate bars.
  • Scuttlebutt in Interstate and Idle talk at Cluster are now limited.
  • You can now use Following in another's footsteps to help you find your way through the border.
  • You can no longer dose up on drugs to stay awake if you've crashed your adrenals.
  • You can no longer take a body away if there's Evidence at the scene.
  • Gunned up now shows you the stats for the weapons you might want to pick out.
  • Removed "Store some cash" from Overburdened.
  • Some improvements in how notifications are shown if they've been reloaded from storage.
  • System messages now use a new notification format instead of using the in-game message system.
  • Some more work to reduce resyncs.
  • Some more work to prevent accidental double clicks triggering an action twice.
  • Improved interaction responsiveness when working with slots.
  • The list of items affecting a stat is now sorted alphabetically on hover.
  • Fixed some items sometimes counting as equipped twice.
  • Fixed Miriam not showing up on Good contact if you know her above a certain level.
  • Fixed Cyberchurch being visible if you refused the quest.
  • Fixed a problem with Tank breather side effects on game load.
  • Fixed a small narrative problem on Getting in with the forgers.
  • Fixed a possible bug with meeting Willow for the first time (possibly only affects older characters).
  • Fixed a minor bug with paying the rent at the noodle bar if you have negative hardship due to equipment.
  • Fixed being able to take the final Covedale long course exam with a spike plugged in.
  • Fixed a bug that meant characters without male genitalia could pick the horse dong mutation, instead of vice versa.
  • Fixed some text not showing up on Back for more.
  • Fixed that Broken ribs didn't reduce your physical labour skill.
  • Fixed a problem with the tooltip on Dealing in juice.
  • Fixed dermal glue being able to heal you into the past.
  • Fixed a possible problem with the conclusion of Nil's girl.
  • Fixed Ann being around when she shouldn't on Hanging at your place.
  • More typos and text errors fixed. Thanks for the reports!

Puppy heaven


  • You can now adopt one of Ein's puppies.
  • – Check out Hanging around the noodle bar.
  • New perks for regular Afternoon Ashes contributors. Access codes will be going out soon.
  • A body has had a load of work.
  • You now have Evidence at the scene that turns into Evidence.
  • Dealing in human flesh is now much more risky.
  • – Being able to harvest flesh from bodies, as well as some other buying and selling options, is temporarily disabled (very temporarily).
  • Girls/Need medical is now functional.
  • Tank breathers can now give you some side effects if you're too idle while they're active.
  • Pain will now drop to zero with sleep if you're not suffering from any specific wounds.
  • Blocked being able to ask Zane for some stuff while in prison.
  • There's now a limit on the discipline boost you can get from cold showers.
  • Nana's Mexican is now available on Destinations.
  • Vehicles now have a preview before you buy them.
  • Added confirmations to borrowing money.
  • Nil by mouth now has a little more explanation.
  • Protein shakes at the gym now cost an action to use, but are more effective.
  • Vampires are now blocked from eating solids if they puke from eating food while craving blood.
  • Tweaked the contribution of Glare to Perceived temperature.
  • Going down will now tell you when you've got rent due.
  • If you're a cannibal mutant, your satiated healing also now deals with black eyes.
  • New artwork.
  • New interactive dialog box when there's a connection error.
  • The app will now automatically retry resyncing at regular intervals if there's been a connection error.
  • There's a new support page on the site.
  • Fixed a layout problem with inline images at high window sizes.
  • Fixed a problem with getting healed at St Joe's.
  • Fixed a possible bug with moving out of somewhere while Ann's living there.
  • Fixed some problems with getting moved back to the slums after a pick-up in Interstate.
  • Fixed a problem with emergency treatment at St Joe's.
  • Fixed a problem with Ann on Your intimate relationships.
  • Fixed a minor problem with Nil's girl.
  • Fixed an exploit that let you store cash while being mugged.
  • Fixed another problem with "something on their mind cards".
  • You can now only start The Straw Sandal after Pimps & Prostitutes (otherwise bugs).
  • Fixed a load of typos. Thanks for the reports!

Target practice


  • Firearms now have the Alacrity stat.
  • The two firing ranges have had some work.
  • You can now ask Jax to help you out with Willow's hostility in some situations.
  • You can now choose to kill Bloodless when hunting her down.
  • Totally crashed now drops a little for a vampire drinking fresh blood.
  • Gender stat descriptions are now more descriptive.
  • New artwork.
  • You can now choose your units for distance in the options dialog.
  • Possibly fixed a problem with the app failing to quit properly when closed using Steam.
  • Fixed the harsh music transition when the music mood changes.
  • Fixed some problems with music volume for some tracks.
  • Fixed some potential problems with linking to the buy credits page straight from the app.
  • Fixed the card and branch requirements display for stats affected by unit options.
  • Fixed a problem making it possible for the system to select the same random branch twice in a row.
  • Fixed a bug with vampires puking while craving blood too often.
  • Fixed a display problem with the amount of time to install an implant from a dodgy clinic.
  • Fixed a bug with Cyberchurch stuff showing up for a resurrected character when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug with returning Smith's truck via Call your contacts in some situations.
  • Corrected a narrative problem on The tinkerer's wife.
  • Fixed a bug in one of the Drive by options when fighting a street war.
  • Fixed a problem with shipping live catfish.
  • Fixed Work it back on Mind food.
  • Fixed being able to ask Zane for a date while in jail.
  • More typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • You can now donate various medical supplies to The mercy crew.
  • Fixed a bug with the new maximum asking price for fuel.
  • Made sure that the trade price for copper is correct for existing junk dealers.
  • Fixed a problem with rumours deck cards being hidden for too long.
  • More typos fixed.

Minor release


  • You can now get hired help from Street sellers in some situations.
  • Separate hemisphere mutants now have an option on Staying awake?
  • The chef's knife now boosted your Kitchen quality instead of affecting cooking skill directly.
  • You'll now automatically get a hostility reduction for Zane instead of credit in certain situations.
  • Skill training at Covedale now uses your base skills, unmodified.
  • Put a cap on the maximum asking price for fuel at the depot.
  • Vampires can now sometimes suffer some consequences if eating while craving blood.
  • Plugged some potential Carpe diem loops and related exploits.
  • Tweaked the occurence of Time for a drink?
  • Tweaked Making face in the Projects a little.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a bug with the copper junk trade price.
  • Fixed a bug with the install time for the Technician's implants.
  • Fixed a problem with Do some surgery.
  • Fixed a number of typos; that's for the reports!

Minor release


  • Tower can now be on the lookout for you if they're a bit suspicious.
  • Buying at the incinerator now has some limits but also some ways to get around them.
  • You no longer need handguns or knives to keep your crew around, but it costs more instead.
  • Fixed a potential problem with Messing with things.
  • Fixed a problem with Curtis and Gilbert randomly popping up when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed a problem with getting Masked from trouble.
  • Fixed a bug with the new junk trade prices.
  • Fixed a bug with moving Ann off the streets.
  • Fixed a problem with Dojo sessions..
  • Corrected a load of typos; thanks for the reports!

Smalltime junktown


  • Junk dealing prices can now fluctuate a little.
  • Junk dealing now records how long you've been in the trade (for future use).
  • There's one new small thing for the junk dealer.
  • You can now top up cash in the junk trade in bigger loads.
  • You can now access your strongbox from the slums if you have The Warren (but it doesn't add any Living space).
  • There are some additional transaction amount on The Strongbox.
  • Added confirmation buttons to throwing away your organs.
  • Feelgood spikes now time out on actions, not time.
  • Fixed a potential bug with returning to your rooms above the noodle bar.
  • Fixed another problem with Ann moving in.
  • Fixed Willow thinking that you'd help her murder someone if you refused to do it.



  • Fixed a problem with Clearing out Ann's things appearing for some players with no options on it.
  • You might also have Living with Ann switched on when it shouldn't be; ask for a manual fix if this is causing problems.

Bugfix release


  • Most important: fixed a problem with activating multiple access codes with the app closed.
  • Added some more optimisation to reduce resyncs.
  • Included Greta's briefcase in Messing with things.
  • Made the Messing with things stat visible.
  • Fixed some potential problems with living space.
  • The Warren no longer counts for living space in the slums (too many potential problems).
  • Palisade accommodations now give three living space, not two.
  • You can now choose to have Ann move to Palisade specifically.
  • Cleaned up some other items to do with Ann's location.
  • Irene will now hang with you in Palisade.
  • Fixed the base level display missing for Dressed to impress in the left hand panel.
  • Fixed a possible problem with Clearing out Ann's things.
  • Fixed a problem with the timing display for implant installation in Notes.
  • Fixed a bug with shipping live catfish.
  • Fixed a minor problem with Curtis and Gilbert.
  • Perceived temperature should now match your preferred units if you try toggling back and forth again.
  • Fixed some problems to do with Following in another's footsteps.

Bugfix release


  • Possibly fixed a rare problem with moving area that could leave you in a weird limbo.
  • – If this still happens to you, please stop playing and report it straight away.
  • Moving from the slums to Palisade now clears your hand.
  • Fixed a small narrative problem with the Weapons cache storyline.
  • Fixed a bug with Loaded up.
  • Fixed a bug with selling Mind magic in the bordertown.
  • Fixed a problem with Parley with the smugglers.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed some tutorial content not appearing.
  • Fixed some missing text when talking to Angelique during A meeting at Frank's.
  • Fixed a problem with Dressed to impress caused by moving the bondage harness.
  • – This will unequip everything in your Accessories slot when you load this time.
  • Fixed a problem with new context sensitive colours.
  • Fixed a Carpe diem exploit with going inside with a vehicle equipped.
  • Fixed a display problem with some stats that should disappear from view when modded to zero.

Bits and pieces


  • Shower mechanics have had some work, including using less Carpe diem (this game should be called showerpunkdreams).
  • You can now take cold showers.
  • Catfish prices have been increased and the shipping mechanic tweaked.
  • Added some options for paying your crew.
  • The sauna at the gym has been slightly buffed.
  • Saints above a certain level now get some better service at St Joe's.
  • Cigars in Slow Club now give some Connoisseur.
  • The sports massage in Palisade has had some work.
  • Sleep now gives some Working on cardio and Working on muscle if you've worked out that day.
  • If you quit working for the clinic or get fired then there's now a timeout before you can restart.
  • You no longer risk getting any Hit/Perception from firing a noisy weapon if your weapon skill is high enough.
  • Hit traits now disappear automatically at level one instead of triggering another card.
  • Removed the action cost for all clothing styles in favour of more subtle exploit prevention.
  • Irene now has a little bit more to say about Angelique.
  • Moved the bondage harness to Outerwear.
  • Dolphin brain sleep options can now sometimes remove Far too tired.
  • The game now stores how much money you spend with the Jags and the Modes, for future purposes.
  • Stat mods are now colour sensitive for whether they're good or bad (rather than just negative or positive).
  • You can turn this setting on or off in options (on by default).
  • You can now toggle hardware acceleration (on by default).
  • Tweaked the display of stats that only ever have a modifier and not their own value.
  • You can now preview clothing items before you buy them.
  • Hovers for stats now show what is modifying them (if anything).
  • Tweaked the layout of the slot tabs.
  • Tweaked the "Something on their mind" cards to prevent them from showing the same thing twice in a row.
  • Made some small performance improvements.
  • Improved the tool tips for some slots.
  • Stat requirements now tell you if they're using the base value.
  • Prevented being able to switch to a locked tab using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed a bug that meant your hand wasn't always cleared properly when moving areas.
  • Stats should now display properly even if an equipped change makes them equal to zero.
  • Corrected the price that Miriam gives you for coke.
  • Fixed that your Carpe diem could get locked on if you had a serious wound (instead of going to zero).
  • Actually fixed Perceived temperature units this time.
  • Fixed some other problems to do with temperature.
  • Fixed a display bug with the implant installation timing on Notes.
  • Tweaked the Notes text for Plastic dreams.
  • Fixed a problem with sleeping at Eastside stacks.
  • Fixed Making a deal costing an incorrect amount of Supply and demand.
  • Fixed a problem with the price of Mind magic.
  • Fixed a bug that meant slots wouldn't lock properly if a slot tab was open.
  • Fixed a bug that let you split up with some NPCs while you were in a relationship with them.
  • Fixed a couple of minor problems with Got a date with Zane.
  • Fixed a possible problem with Need not being reactivated after getting new balls.
  • Fixed a problem with being teetotal at The Road Mender.
  • Lots of typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You'll now get the Another day/Another night card immediately on opening, if it was waiting to happen, instead of after your first action.
  • Dropped the Supply and demand cost of arbitrage and working on a deal slightly.
  • Reverted the typeface change from the last update.
  • Fixed the text in hover tips for slots.
  • Fixed Perceived temperature using only Fahrenheit (you'll need to go and change your setting back and forth).
  • Some other small tweaks and fixes. Thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You can now buy SensPerience spikes in the slums.
  • Another day/Another night now runs slightly faster, so it's easier to keep to a schedule.
  • Perceived temperature now takes glare into account during summer (and therefore clothing that reduces glare).
  • Sex opportunities with your crews have had a little bit of work.
  • The game now records when you first met each NPC (the number will be wrong for ones you already know though).
  • Dying now gives more Following in another's footsteps.
  • Added some variation to some of the results on Gossip/Rumours.
  • Add something for if you were in a relationship with Ann and she's dead.
  • Equipped clothing no longer affects medical and first aid skills directly (but they do indirectly, via Medical conditions).
  • Surgical gloves are now a bit more expendable.
  • You can now take designer amphetamines via your inventory.
  • You can now buy pr0n in Gamble St (if you've opted into that stuff).
  • Osteophyte mutants can now do surgery on themselves.
  • One or two other things for the osteophyte.
  • Changed some typefaces for legibility.
  • The hover text for slots now tells you if you can equip more than one item.
  • Fixed a bug that meant healing wasn't always being displayed (although it was happening).
  • Fixed a bug where items in your inventory and slots weren't using conditional images.
  • Corrected the price for the SafeScan app.
  • Corrected bundled mind magic prices.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from getting a new pair of balls if required.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Irene from showing up after you save her life.
  • Various smaller bug fixes and typos done. Thanks for all the reports!

Minor update


  • Apps are now available for all players.
  • You can no longer get a real injury in the first bout of sparring at the Dojo.
  • Some other tweaks at the Dojo.
  • Removed the action cost for entering the gym.
  • Removed the action cost from sorting Sens spikes.
  • You can now bundle and sell snuff spikes.
  • You can now temporarily hide area rumours cards.
  • You can now temporarily hide Got some guns for sale.
  • You can now temporarily hide Picking up odd jobs.
  • You'll now get a reminder when it's implant surgery day at the clinic.
  • Fixed a bug to do with Irene's contact level.
  • Corrected the notes text for implant surgery timing.

There's an app for that


  • You can now buy apps for your phone.
  • These do various things; mostly interfacing with other hardware.
  • – This feature is being rolled out to a random 20% of characters, with the rest to follow next week.
  • – If you've got the feature you'll know almost straight away (there's a card in the life deck).
  • Medical nanites are now usable with the right app.
  • You can now fast scan various spikes if you've got the right app (not yet implemented for all of them).
  • You can now throw away any snuff spikes that you have.
  • Accelerated bone repair, deep healing and using medical nanites now share a daily limit, but it's been increased.
  • You can now get a nanite flush at the backstreet clinic, allowing the use of the above more often.
  • Removed the action cost for entering the Dojo.
  • Scanning SensPerience spikes now costs an action.
  • Removed core styles from removable items.
  • Fixed a bug with your furry companion being drawn to the wild for too long.
  • Fixed some problems with hunting in the various areas.
  • Fixed a possible bug with entering prison.
  • Fixed a load of smaller bugs and typos. Thanks for all the reports!

Minor update


  • Reduced weapon wear.
  • The stealing options on Army surplus have been updated.
  • The action costs for revealing and concealing weapons has been removed.
  • You can now discard your personal weapons (not including long weapons yet).
  • The skill drops from wounds have been reduced, but they now give additional temporary drops.
  • The Messing with things limits no longer apply if you've got bad pain.
  • Increased the rate of retraining skills slightly.
  • Max pain now has a sliding cap based on the day you're on (to make things a little easier for newer characters).
  • Getting dates at the various pick-up bars has had some work.
  • The 30 day subscription now has a 25% discount if you're a first time subscriber.
  • You now always start a new life the max Following in another's footsteps that you've gained in any one life, instead of it accumulating between lives.
  • – This isn't applied retroactively; your currently level will be treated as your starting maximum.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Edge comedowns.
  • Fixed a bug with Jax asking you to deal with Ann's needs.
  • Fixed a big that let you write down more training sessions that you'd actually done.
  • Fixed the Overpowered achievement.
  • Fixed a bunch of other smaller bugs. Thanks for all the reports, as ever.

Minor update


  • More work to bring Dressed to impress closer to working as intended.
  • Absolutely styling now tells you what its combo is.
  • Paying your fuel depot crew at the end of the week is now more flexible.
  • Increased the limits on Messing with things.
  • – This and similar mechanics are only intended to nerf exploits; they shouldn't affect normal play.
  • Increased the limit on max daily stretching.
  • You can always now bring your depot crew up to 12 people.
  • Buffed the weekly fuel sales from your depot.
  • You can now go back to the changing room from Got a change of style.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with action results sometimes not appearing.
  • Several more bug fixes; thanks for the reports.

Bugfix release


  • Fixed a bug with out of date events hanging around.
  • Fixed News from your depot appearing more than once per day.
  • Added confirmations to more options.
  • Fixed a few more minor bugs.

Minor update


  • The red light district in the slums now requires a route (access should be voluntary).
  • News from your depot has been reorganised and now only appears once per day.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped various blockers decaying as they should.
  • Fixed some problems with the new display for junk dealing stats.
  • Various other tweaks and fixes. Thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Raised the cap on the new limits and speeded up recovery.
  • Taking uppers now removes Gabbed enough?
  • A little new content for the flexible mutant.
  • Reduced the initial pain from black eyes.
  • Buffed the respirator slightly.
  • Junk dealing stats now have their own category.
  • Blocked starting a binge while you're on Go Gas.
  • The new notification sound is now limited.
  • Fixed a problem with getting back into Micky's.
  • Various other smaller tweaks and bug fixes. Thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Street pick-ups have had some work.
  • Immune mutation now helps with Bad shit.
  • Care packages now give cooked human instead of human flesh for cannibals.
  • Phones can now only be used from the equipment slot or pinned card, not from the inventory.
  • Specific injuries no longer block getting a stat boost.
  • Restricted some more overused stuff.
  • More work on smoothing out card pulls.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed a problem with Tank breathers that meant they were increasing instead of reducing your refresh rate.
  • Fixed still getting jobs from the smugglers even if you quit with them.
  • Many other smaller fixes; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • New, more robust system for dealing with deck tapping (now works purely from draws).
  • You now have to wait for day #2 to spend credits on binges or action refreshes.
  • Reduced the injury risk when sparring at the dojo.
  • Reduced the injury risk on Fighting for profit.
  • Implants from the one-shot clinic are now a little less risky.
  • Made some tweaks to getting Ann clean.
  • New tutorial content.
  • Fixed another potential bug with getting stuck in a changing room.
  • Fixed a bug with Daylight not showing up.
  • Various other bugs and typos fixed; thanks for the reports, as ever!

Minor update


  • Please note: there was a server problem with Linux during the day where data was unfortunately lost from a couple of new accounts. Please contact [email protected] if you're affected.
  • Nerfed a few things it was possible to overuse.
  • Boosted the weekly sale quantity of fuel from the depot.
  • A few other small tweaks.
  • Fixed a bug that meant assorted spikes were far too cheap from the market.
  • Several other smaller bugs fixed; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Tweaked implant timings if you're not getting them from the backstreet clinic.
  • There's a little bit of follow-up for Tane's number for some characters.
  • You can now sell bundled crack on Street knowledge.
  • Some additional tutorial content.
  • Blood work and implant installation now show up on Notes.
  • Email preferences are now retained between character lives.
  • New artwork.
  • Possible fix for Linux timer problems.
  • Fixed some potential glitches with the number of draws allowed on the decks.
  • Many other bugs and typos fixed. Thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • You're now not nearly as likely to lose a cleaning kit when cleaning your guns.
  • Hiding your mutation now costs an action, to prevent exploits.
  • You can now change your home once free of charge.
  • You now get some free toiletries if you're stuck covered in it in the bordertown (but only once).
  • Overburdened now has a bunch more things on it.
  • Possibly finally fixed the bug with the action timer getting stuck on zero.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented skipping adding your email if you didn't want to on account creation.
  • Fixed a bug with Your home is where your stash is appearing when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed some stuff to do with A meeting at Frank's.
  • The usual range of content bugs and typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Can I get a confirmation?


  • Confirmations on certain options are now enabled (plenty more to be added still).
  • More work on the action timer (fingers crossed this time).
  • Colour coding on the main menu (colours still WIP).
  • Your Ohio dollars are now displayed at the top right, above effects.
  • Renamed fatigue to lethargy.
  • Reduced the likelihood of losing toiletries when getting clean.
  • You can now use your breather kit directly from your accommodation if its your home.
  • Another changing room fix.
  • Many other smaller fixes; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix release


  • Fixed the problem with the action timer sometimes getting stuck on zero (fingers crossed).
  • Fixed the problem with not being able to leave a changing area while wearing the summer dress.
  • Fixed the stat change mouseovers.
  • A few other smaller content fixes.
  • Thanks for the reports, as ever!

Minor update


  • Some more cards have been made hide-able.
  • Reduced the frequency of some menace cards.
  • Previously-seen tutorial content is now available via your phone.
  • Mousing over a stat change now shows you the current level (where appropriate).
  • Possible fix for timer problems on Linux.
  • A bit more work on the action timer in general.
  • Fixed a bug with neural interfaces not getting unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug on the weird feet mutant.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the new breather stuff from showing.
  • Fixed the temperature stuff on a couple of dresses.
  • Various other small bug fixes and tweaks; thanks for the reports.



  • Making face errands in the Projects have had some work.
  • Tweaked some prison stuff.
  • You can now hang out at [i]The food stalls[/i].
  • There's some new tutorial material.
  • You can now make your own [i]Breathers[/i].
  • Three new types of breather (still experimental).
  • New Breather mechanics.
  • New "Energy" category in your inventory for breathers and related items.
  • You can bundle and sell all but Basic breathers.
  • Binge mode now requires a confirmation.
  • Some new sound effects.
  • One new music track.
  • You can now adjust the type size.
  • Fixed a bug while getting stuck while sorting heavy ammo.
  • Fixed a potential problem with leaving jail.
  • Fixed a problem with Ann not coming back if she's livid.
  • Various other small fixes; thanks for the reports.
  • As ever, more coming soon.

We don't need no email


  • You no longer need an email address to sign-up and play.
  • — You'll still need one to buy credits and use access codes, however.
  • The game now keeps track of the number of lives you've saved.
  • Flexible closure no longer helps when making Patterns.
  • Removed the action cost from sorting specific types of ammo.
  • Made some of the clothing mechanics more transparent.
  • Removed some possible exploits from the clothing system.
  • Tweaked the about of FiaF you get on death.
  • Added Style/Blue collar to the thick leather gloves and hi-viz jacket.
  • Additional tutorial content.
  • Fixed the bug with some characters occasionally getting stuck in bars.
  • Fixed some problems with excessive Dressed to impress.
  • Various other smaller typos and bugs fixed; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • Gotta look after your guns has had its frequency reduced.
  • Limited staying at Jax's place a little.
  • Limited accelerated implant installation a little.
  • Limited accelerated bone repair a little.
  • Added the ability to hide some more cards.
  • Fixed a bug with laying low at Jax's place.
  • Buying at the backstreet clinic now shows the proper amount that you'll purchase.
  • The banner images in Jax's place now display properly.
  • Numerous other tweaks and smaller bugs and typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • More work's been done on making the timer systems more robust.
  • – You might find that this does something weird to your action count; if you've lost actions please get in touch for a fix.
  • Buying the last two mutations now carries over to future lives.
  • – It's not possible to apply this retroactively, but if your character dies, please ask for a manual fix.
  • Some more work on smoothing out card pulls.
  • Adrenalin now times out on actions (so guaranteed to last a whole chase scene).
  • Improved messaging for subscriber care packages.
  • Covered in it will now slowly flake off over time if you can't wash.
  • Fixed a bug with The rig showing up after completing the quest.
  • Fixed a bug with delivering organs to the clinic.
  • Fixed some bugs with being assessed on organ deliveries by the clinic.
  • Fixed the now-infamous double side alley bug.
  • Fixed a problem with buying multiple mood spikes at Electric Ali.
  • Many other small fixes; thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • Pain levels are now capped.
  • You can now sell bundled mind magic while working the streets.
  • Newer characters now get let off On the run much more easily.
  • You can no longer stash cash while involved in a scene.
  • Additional tutorial content.
  • No distractions has been renamed to No interruptions.
  • You can now hide some additional cards.
  • Pain and negative mood cards should now clutter your hand less.
  • Hauling heavy metal can now only be done once but pays a bit more.
  • Got a message now pays a little more.
  • Gotta look after your guns will now tell you which weapons have wear.
  • You can now back out of The tinkerer's wife at the last minute.
  • Fixed a problem with Some heavy scene getting stuck on.
  • Fixed a bug with being Totally wrecked.
  • Fixed many, many, many other small bugs and typos; Thanks for all the reports!

Minor update


  • Entering the gym and the dojo now costs an action (to prevent possible exploits).
  • Fuelling up from your depot now costs an action (to prevent possible exploits).
  • Dealt with some exploits around changing clothes.
  • Removed the credit-locked option from Nil's girl and replaced it with a tough test.
  • You can now no longer buy vehicles until you're through the gates for the first time.
  • You can now get rid of a concealed Street corner special on Gotta look after your guns.
  • Night hawks now have a way to extend the night.
  • The clinic now accepts bundled organs.
  • HypoStims now work off actions, not time.
  • Character names now appear in the titles for event emails.
  • More cards are now blockable for a day (more coming soon).
  • Bundled organs are now displayed in the inventory properly.
  • Fixed a possible bug with mutant healing.
  • Fixed not being able to sell bundled mood spikes.
  • Fixed a bug with the prison work card still showing up for ex-cons.
  • Fixed new subscribers getting 70 actions instead of 75 (we'll fix existing characters, no need to report).
  • Fixed errant Hunting in the slums (if you have this but it doesn't say who you're after, just sell your progress).
  • Various other bugs and typos fixed; thanks for the reports.

Minor update


  • The night cycle cards have been spaced out more, so the night should last longer.
  • Impossible has been renamed to Content wall.
  • Cruising in the Projects should now be less frequent.
  • The tinkerer's wife is no longer available on Day #1.
  • You now no longer have to choose a style when getting changed if you don't want to.
  • Rumours and idle chatter at the Border market now rolls the randomisers.
  • Ann can now move into either of your Palisade places.
  • You can now hide A fortune in fuel for a day at a time (more cards to follow).
  • Fixed a problem with Knowing the dump.
  • Fixed a problem with hiding your mutant feet always giving Bitterness.
  • Fixed a problem with paying back loans.
  • Fixed looping exploit at Slow Club.
  • Fixed a problem with A mission for Marie.
  • Fixed a problem with Bloodless.

Bugfix update


  • Added some additional tutorial content.
  • Action buttons now display the required action cost if they're disabled
  • Sleep options are now more visible.
  • You can now take a nap any time.
  • Anti-psychotics are now more effective at removing Skewed ideas
  • Vehicles bought in the bordertown are now auto-equipped if you don't have living space there.
  • You can now keep the question mark for an avatar if you want.
  • The cost of changing your avatar has been dropped to one credit.
  • Options that cost credits now tell if if they'll be kept for future lives.
  • Removed the credit-locked option from No control.
  • The undocumented keyboard shortcuts have mostly been removed for now.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented free binges being usable before day #1.
  • Fixed a bug with Curtis and Gilbert.
  • Fixed a bug with the Corporate run scene.
  • Fixed the bug with having your chest permanently on display for the triple breasted mutant.
  • Fixed a problem with negative test buffs becoming positive.
  • Fixed a bug with credit usage not always being saved (wow).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause your actions to refill completely shortly after starting a new session.
  • Many other small bug fixes and typo corrections; thanks for the reports!

Breathe with me


  • Introducing breathers; a new inventory item that will refill your actions.
  • Breathers will come in several different types and there will be an economy for creating your own to "stash" actions, but for now you can get some with this access code:
  • Free care package notification is no longer accidentally hidden.
  • Care package explanation has been improved.
  • Binges now last for 90 minutes.
  • You now need to be on day #1 to use a paid binge.
  • Action refreshes now cost two credits, not three.
  • Making an alt character now costs 50 credits.
  • Basic action limit is now 50, not 40.
  • Subscribers' action limit is now 65, not 60.
  • Action limit changes are applied retroactively; you'll need to reload but please contact support if your limit hasn't changed.
  • There will probably be more tweaks to the action system to come.
  • Fixed a bug with not all tutorial content showing up.
  • FAQs have been updated.
  • Vampires can get some free blood with this access code:
  • Bug with sometimes getting a database error when trying to resurrect a character has been fixed.
  • Many typos fixed; thanks for the reports!

Bugfix update


  • Fixed tutorial notes for Got a message.
  • Fixed problem with blank Tower card appearing.
  • Added The mercy crew to the firing range.
  • Fixed problem with trying to use a street name that's already taken when resurrecting a character.
  • Possible fix for not being able to wash off Covered in it.
  • Fixed some possible desync causes.

Minor update


  • Possible fix for sometimes failing to launch properly on Linux.
  • Fixed some problems with achievements being awarded when they shouldn't.
  • Some kind of toiletries is now a requirement for heavier bathing choices.
  • Fixed a problem with subscribers not having Palisade access.
  • Added some additional help content on key cards.
  • You can now only refresh actions once you're onto Day #1.

Hotfix release


  • Fixed bug with creating alt characters on subscribed accounts.
  • Fixed clear hand button firing even when your hand is empty.
  • Fixed a problem with being asked for the rent too soon.
  • Various typos and smaller bugs fixed; thanks for the reports!

Minor update #2


  • Hardware on Gamble St now uses Bigger quantities.
  • Locked equipment icon is now an "L".
  • More work on the sound effects.
  • Achievements for beta players will port to Steam.
  • Some additional bug fixes.

Minor update


  • Cleaned up some spike stuff.
  • You can now opt out of receiving emails per character.
  • Some interface tweaks.
  • Additional and change sound effects.
  • Some prison clothing tweaks.
  • New artwork.



  • We now have interface sound effects (work in progress).
  • You can alter sound effect volume and turn them off entirely in the options dialog.
  • Notifications are now saved until you clear them, so not lost on exit or switching character.
  • The server is now on launch infrastructure.
  • Added another way to get knowledge of the forgers.
  • You can now (rarely) get locked into only madness.
  • New artwork.
  • The usual array of bug fixes. Thanks for the reports!

Minor update


  • The game now reminds you if you've not verified your email.
  • You can now request a verification email from in-game.
  • "Or groups" of required stats are now presented a bit better.
  • There's a new occurrence in the Projects.
  • You can now buy basic toiletries in the border market
  • Phones have been reworked slightly to allow for more different types.
  • Because of this your phone will be unavailable until Another day/Another night runs, but please ask for a fix if you're desperate.
  • Noodle bar rent has been changed to use the day counter.
  • Organ collecting for the clinic has been changed to use the day counter.
  • New artwork.
  • Explicit adult artwork as been censored at Steam's behest.

Minor update


  • You can now buy toiletries at the Facilities in the bordertown and dump.
  • New artwork.
  • One new music track.
  • Linux icon somewhat less horrible.

We have a Linux


  • The game is now available on Linux.
  • You should just be able to download and run it from Steam as usual, if you have a key.
  • Built and tested on Ubuntu, so should work on other Debian builds (and others?)
  • Testing and feeack appreciated.
  • (The app icon currently looks terrible.)
  • Fixed some recently reported bugs (all platforms).

Access Protocol


  • The welcome screen now shows if an update is required, and when the last update was.
  • All server requests now check that you've got the latest game version.
  • The back-end login system has had some work, so you'll probably need to log in again.
  • The voyeur temperament has been renamed to watcher.
  • Temperament card frequency has been tweaked.
  • There's a new opportunity for the trickster in the dump.
  • There's a little bit more content for Ferguson.
  • You can now spend FiaF with Raff at the beginning for extra gear (probably not very balanced yet).
  • You can now bundle and sell grenades.
  • A lot of achievements have been implemented.
  • Fixed some problems with implant prices.
  • Some minor tweaks to the dojo's content.
  • Some minor tweaks to the slum's gym.
  • Added missing travel options.
  • The open card header is now slightly less tall on smaller screens.
  • Improved display performance on the various progress display tabs.
  • Some more organisation on progress display tabs.
  • New artwork.
  • You'll get a "Click me" tutorial on the deck images for a bit, but it should disappear before long.
  • Lots of typos and bugs fixed, plus the usual minor tweaks. Thanks for all the reports, as ever.

Smooth as silk


  • The game now has music; about 30 mins in total at the moment.
  • Subscriptions have been overhauled and are now at account level.
  • Various other small changes around this, including a dedicated subscription dialog.
  • There's a now welcome screen.
  • And options dialog.
  • You can now choose to display temperature in C or F.
  • Cleaned up and improved character, account and various other dialog boxes.
  • Removed the tray icon.
  • You can now get a massage in Palisade.
  • You can now travel directly from the market or Interstate to Palisade.
  • All organs can now be bundled.
  • Selling organs on the street now uses bundles.
  • You can now sell bundled organs via your inventory.
  • New artwork.
  • Fixed the bug with the screen going blank when clicking through quickly.
  • Cleaned up a load of server interaction stuff.
  • Many other small typos and bugs fixed. Thanks for the reports!

For older changelogs, back to 2020-08-05, please check out our Discord: