cyberpunkdreams: support

Bug reports

If you've found a bug with the game's content or app, or have a problem with your character, please report it using either of these methods:

Before reporting a bug, please have a quick look through the FAQs on this site to make sure it isn't something you've missed. If you've got a card with no options that you've pulled from a deck, that's always a bug. However, it's expected that some cards you can access via your inventory can sometimes have no options.

If the app's giving you a blank screen (no interface at all, or the main panel goes blank when you try to open a card), this is always a bug. Sometimes reloading or logging out and in again can clear it, but otherwise please get in touch using the methods above.

Missing credits

If you've bought credits but they don't appear to be present in your game, try reloading first. If they're still not there, please email [email protected] with your account name and we'll sort it out.

Lost password

If you've lost your password and can't reset it because you didn't enter an email address when making your account, please email [email protected] with your account name and we'll sort it out.

Generally stuck or need advice

Don't worry, it's hard to be a tough game! The best place to look is our Discord server. There's a great community there and you'll be able to get help or advice fast (the developers are also active there). If Discord's not your thing, then you can also check the Steam community or the unofficial community Wiki.

Also remember that you can check any tutorial message you've seen before (either on this life or a previous one) using your in-game phone.


We’re also now offering a bounty in credits for reporting game exploits, such as infinite Carpe diem or action loops, excessive money earning opportunities and the like. Please report exploits to [email protected], with your account name (for your reward). Note that the credit bounty you’ll get is discretionary and you might not get one at all, depending on whether it’s already been reported a lot, not really an exploit, very minor, etc. But we’ll be as generous as we can.