cyberpunkdreams: gameplay faqs

How do I make money?

cyberpunkdreams is designed to be hard, so until you build contacts, skills and influence, making money to survive will be a challenge. That said, there are a lot of options available. In the beginning, the work crews are a source of income accessible once per day that'll provide you with some money, and there are other opportunities for small jobs around, such as helping out in markets and selling stuff you scavenge. Most of all, if you explore and try different options, you’ll discover better and varied paying opportunities. The further you progress, the easier it’ll be to build wealth to afford expensive implants and arsenal.

How can I see the time in-game?

Check the top right of the in-game screen. If it’s nighttime (between sunset and sunrise) there’ll be a quality there called “The day wears thin”, indicating at which stage of the night cycle you are, like “It's dusk.” or “Deep into the night”. If there’s nothing there, then it’s daytime.

How do I sleep?

If this is your first day, know that to sleep you have to spend at least one day awake. You can check if that’s the case by looking at your “Health and wellbeing section” at the left of your in-game screen. If you don’t see a “Days without sleep” quality there, then you may be tired, but you don’t have the need for a full night’s sleep. You’ll just have to find other means to perk yourself up, like drugs or stimulants. Note that while you have not crossed into Cinci for the first time, you’re in tutorial mode, and don’t need to sleep.

If you’ve crossed into the real world, however, and have some “Days without sleep”, just go to your place – the rooms above the noodle bar – and the option to sleep will be there. If you see the option to “crash out” instead, you’re still too awake to sleep, and will need to crash out first before sleep becomes an option.

What is familiarity? Is it important?

As the name says, this quality represents how familiar you are with an area, and is separate for each of the different areas of Cinci. It means how much of that area you know, how likely are you to find places or get lost, and are present in tests that involve your general knowledge of that area. Most importantly, it’s a crucial quality to level up early on, since it’s responsible for opening up the majority of the locations and several opportunities and storylines for its respective area. So, if you’re in the early early stages, it might be wise to save up those rumours and invest them into increasing your familiarity.

How do I clear wounds?

Small wounds, such as cuts and bruises, will heal with time. Bigger wounds, however, like broken bones and bigger cuts, will need to be treated, either by yourself – if you have the skill and equipment – or by a doctor. There’s one of those in the bordertown, as well as a crew that treats people in a bad shape, and once in Cinci you’ll have more options available. If you’re bleeding out, treat that fast or you’ll bleed to death.

How do I clear disgusting mess?

Take a shower! You’ll need some basic toiletries, so buy some at the facilities in the bordertown or Green Dragon Express.

How do I use/equip the items in my inventory? Some of them don’t do anything.

If you open your inventory tab, you’ll see that some items have a yellow “U” symbol at the top left, whilst others don’t. That symbol means “Usable”, and indicates the items that can be left-clicked on and interacted with directly through the inventory.

To equip an item, however, you need to be in one of the slot tabs (Weapons, Outfit or Equipment), and right click on the item to equip or unequip it. If an item has a red “L” on it, that means that it's locked and can't be unequipped. Slots themselves can also be locked. For example, to use most clothing slots, you need to be in a changing room.

Some items that can’t be used are mission related or have some specific in game use, so they’ll never be usable through inventory.

I don’t know how to progress a story. What do I do?

If you've already looked everywhere you can think of and can’t find the next step, there are two pinned cards that’ll help you: Content wall and Notes. Unless you’re in the very beginning of the game before they’re unlocked, you can find them as pinned cards in every area you go to. Notes tracks your progress in any current story you’re pursuing and Content wall lets you know if the next step isn’t implemented in the game yet. Also bear in mind that some stories take time to develop; you might just need to wait.

I didn’t choose a mutation when I first began the game, can I choose one now?

The option to be or not to be a mutant only appears the first time you approach the Gates at the beginning of the game, so no. But you can always create another character and make a different choice. Also, there's no delaying additional mutations – you choose to have or not have them when the opportunity appears, and you can’t change a mutation once you’ve made your choice. It also can't be delayed because a lot of other content is on hold until you're done choosing.

What are spikes? How I use them?

Spikes are a common piece of technology in 2090’s Cinci. They’re like thumb drives that you can plug into your head to gain skills, for a limited time, or knowledge. There’s a vast and lucrative market for spikes, and the game will present you many options to buy or sell them. If you want to use them yourself, however, you’ll need to a Neural interface implant. There are a couple of opportunities to buy an interface for credits early in the game, otherwise you'll need to find a clinic willing to do the install; try talking to Raff. Then just find a spike in your equipment tab and interact with it for the magic to happen.

When do seasons change?

There are two seasons in cpd, which (roughly) match up with seasons in real like. Winter starts at the beginning of October and lasts until the end of March, with summer being the rest of the year.

The game seems nice, but I don’t like the sex and violent content. Can I turn it off?

While the game is intended for mature audiences and there’ll always be violence and sexual context, you choose how much of that content you see. The game specifically asks you if you want any sexually explicit content turned on, and even if you say yes, your choices will dictate exactly the amount of explicit content to which you are exposed. Likewise with violence. Most sexual content especially is only there as an option; you can choose not to engage with it.

Where can I find out more?

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