cyberpunkdreams: subscription faqs

How do subscriptions work?

You can buy a subscription using credits. Subscriptions are currently non-recurring, but you can buy several months at once for a discount, and extend the length of your subscription any time.

How do I subscribe?

By your fourth day at the game, you’ll draw a card explaining how subscriptions work and presenting you the option to subscribe. If you don’t want to wait so long, however, just click on the main menu at the top right, select “account”, and you’ll see the option to “buy subscription”.

Do subscriptions apply to all my characters?

Yes, subscriptions are at account level, so if you have multiple alt characters on one account, they will all be subscribed automatically.

What do I get?

For each of your characters, you get a 25 point increase in your action bank, a two minute improvement in your action refresh rate and access to a unique area – Palisade.

Palisade contains its own story content, as well as some convenience locations. If your subscription ends, your action bank and refresh rate for all characters will go back to normal, and you’ll lose access to Palisade. However, you won’t lose any of your progress there if you want to re-subscribe, and some contacts you make there might be available even without Palisade access.

What if my character dies?

When you restart, they’ll have all subscriber benefits straight away, including Palisade access (although any progress you made there will be lost, of course).

What if I don’t want one of my characters to have Palisade access?

If you want to keep one of them in the dark, for roleplaying reasons, for example, just don’t go to the area. You’ll have access, but you don’t have to use it.

Anything else?

There might or might not be other secret perks. Also note that subscription benefits are subject to possible future change.

Where can I find out more?

Join our Discord!