cyberpunkdreams: system faqs

Do I have to leave the app open for my actions to recharge?

No. Actions recharge even when you’re offline. Drain your actions, close the app and come back after a few hours and you’ll have a full action bank again.

Do I need an Internet connection to play?

At the moment, yes. We’re looking at options for off-line functionality in the future.

Why do I keep getting resyncs?

A resync can happen if the server had a problem processing your last action, but this is rare – about one in a million requests, literally. More like is that you've got a high ping to the server or your internet connection's a bit spotty. A high ping can cause the server to receive your actions in the wrong order, which means it requests a resync. Playing a bit slower can often slow this problem.

Which devices do you support?

At the moment, Windows and Linux desktop. We’ll have Mac support in the near future, and plan to release native companion apps for iOS and Android in 2021 or 2022.

Steamdeck should also work but is not officially supported. Follow these steps to get the game to run on Steamdeck: Before loading, click the gear tab for settings. Go to compatibility and make sure that “force the use of a specific steam play compatibility tool” is checked. Enable proton experimental mode.

Where can I find out more?

Join our Discord!