cyberpunkdreams: alt character faqs

What is an alt character?

An alt, or alternative, character is essentially another character that you can play alongside your "main". In reality, all the characters you have are treated the same by the system, so if you have more than one it's up to you to treat one as a "main" if you want to.

How do I make an alt?

Making an alt character costs 50 credits. There's an option in the "account" dialog in-game.

What if my alt dies?

Then you can just make a new one. When you buy an alt, what you've really done is bought a slot for a new character. You never lose it.

Do alts share an action pool?

No. Each alt is a new character slot completely independent from the last one. They all have their individual action pools, which decrease only when used by the specific character. The only thing shared by alts are credits, since they’re bought for the account.

How many alts can I have?

As many as you like. There's no limit.

Why should I make one?

Any number of reasons – different roleplaying choices being the main one, especially if you want to take a riskier route. It’s also worth noticing that there are many different paths a character can take in the game, and the only way to see them is playing different characters and choosing different routes.

Can alt characters work together?

Not yet, but it's coming soon.

Where can I find out more?

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