cyberpunkdreams: credits faqs

Is cyberpunkdreams pay to win?

No. Although the game features some multiplayer features, it’s essentially a solo experience.

Do I realistically have to buy credits to play?

No. The vast majority of the game's content is totally free, and any storyline you can start without credits you can also finish without credits.

Does the game have lootboxes?

No, and it never will.

What can I spend credits on?

A variety of things, all of which are optional for a satisfying game experience. There are some premium storylines and perks, and you can spend credits on increasing your rate of play, skipping some grind and avoiding menaces. You can also use credits to buy a subscription (see our separate FAQ) or creating alt characters.

Why can't I refresh actions or use binges before day #2?

You need to understand more about the game, pacing and how it works before spending on these things. In order to hit day #2, you need to get into the city and then wait 24 hours for Another day/Another night to trigger. However, you can use Breathers to refresh your actions before this point.

Are credits exchangeable?

No, you can't give credits to anyone else. However, they're applied at account level, so you can use them with any of your characters.

Are credits shared between alts?

Yes, credits are bought for your account, so they are shared between all your character slots.

What about things I buy with credits? Are they shared between alts?

No, with the one exception of subscriptions, credit purchases are not shared. They belong to the character with which you made the purchase. Many purchases carry over to your next character if that one dies, however; it'll always say if that's going to be the case. Note that The Warren is also only for one character, and not shared.

My in-game button to buy credits doesn't work. What do I do?

Possibly it's being blocked by an ad blocker or similar. You just need to go here:

Where can I find out more?

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