cyberpunkdreams: game mechanics faqs

What are actions?

Actions allow you to draw cards from the decks, or play pinned or inventory cards. You start with a bank of 50 actions, which refills at the rate of one every 10 minutes. However, there are ways to increase the size of your action bank and improve the refresh rate (including spending credits, amongst other things).

What are cards and decks? How do they work?

Cards are the primary way through which you experience the stories and interact with the world. You can draw them from the decks, into your hand, or use the cards in the pinned section below. You start with just one deck – Borderland life – but the decks you have available, as well as the cards they contain, will change as you play. Your pinned cards in each area will also grow as you explore. It all depends on your character's location and personal situation.

What are threats and hazards? Or menaces?

Conditions such as psychosis and hardship can be found in your character menu to the left of the screen. They represent psychical and mental afflictions currently affecting your character. While they don’t have a major impact in lower levels, if you let them pile up they can develop into mental health issues or have other consequences. No matter your stage in the game, there are always ways to deal with menaces, so try to keep them under control at lower levels. If they keep getting higher and higher, however, don’t be discouraged. This too can lead to very interesting content and situations.

What are moods?

Examples of moods are frustration, distraction, enthusiasm, buzz, etc. As the names imply, they can be both positive and negative. They’re accumulated through gameplay and can benefit or hinder your character in dozens of different ways. However, they can only impact your game through their respective cards, so you’ll always know – and, most of the time, choose – how the accumulated moods will affect your character. Your character isn't a sock puppet, in other words. They've got stuff going on.

What are temperaments?

Temperaments work like personality traits, and open different paths that your character can explore. Don’t be afraid to choose the first one that appears: you can have more than one temperament – although not all of them – and you can also back out if you’ve not gone too deep into its path.

How do I use access codes?

If you find one as a link, just click it and follow the instructions on the page (you'll need to be logged in). If you find one in-game as text, just copy and paste the text onto the end of in your browser.

I don’t want to play every day! How will the day system affect my character when I take breaks from the game?

cyberpunkdreams uses a real time mechanic to account for day and season changes, as well as holidays and special events. However, the day cycle will pause every time you stop playing for more than a day, while still keeping track of everything else. So, you don’t need to worry when you take a break from the game for a while: upon your return only one day will have passed, and your character – and possessions – will be in the same state as you left them.

If you are only at beginning, don't worry about this system yet. Time mechanics only kick in once you've entered the city for the first time, so you can have some time to gradually acclimate yourself to the realities of 2090's Cincinnati.

Do my skills drop every day?

No, this has never been a mechanic. Some other game effects go up and down as the days go by, but skills don't drop.

Where can I find out more?

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