SUBJECT: Mirabelle

File reference: NX2639015779-B

Current location: slums (exact location unknown)
Time active: 2 years, 152 days

Age: [unknown]
DoB: [unknown]
Gender: female
Height: [well above average]
Origin: [unknown]

Mirabelle is considered to be extremely dangerous. She relies on her very high stamina and very high intelligence, being weakest in discipline and charisma. Note, however, that Mirabelle is still capable in most areas. She is also considered to be highly psychologically unstable, suffering from multiple mental health problems.

The subject appears to be extremely well known throughout the city, having the highest profile in Cincinnati's slums. As well as the usual street level hustle, she is also involved in a number of more specific businesses, such as running a fuel depot and smuggling work. She also works as a street pimp, running a large number of girls. Mirabelle is also reported to be a high level informer for a member of the CPD, but this has not been substantiated.

As far as recognising her in the street is concerned, Mirabelle prefers to dress in street fashion style clothing. She also has a number of distinguishing features; see below.

Mirabelle has killed around 47 people since arriving in Cincinnati. She seems to revel in the act of killing; she's a murderer, in effect, although her victims are not necessarily chosen indiscriminately. Overall, however, bear in mind that Mirabelle's attitude towards violence is secondary, and her kills usually seem to serve an ulterior purpose.

Current apparel

Brocade shirtPerfectly tailored jeansNitro jacketAnkle bootsAviator shadesPork pie hat

Distinguishing features

Prosthetic arm (left)

Inner circle


Main residence, other properties

Main residence: slums squat (formerly used by Zane)Self-built location (Bordertown)Hooker\'s flop (Slums)Fuel depot (Bordertown)


Black SUVBlack lowriderDirt bikeDune buggyFlatbed truckJeepMuscle carSport coupé

Current relationship, other associates (present and former)

Current relationship: IreneAngeliqueAnnDouble BlowDustyFergusonJaxMarieMiriamSmithWillowZane